Aflac State Kick-Off!

I love Aflac stuff. It’s always so fun to see everyone and I especially enjoy getting to see Zach up on the stage accepting his awards. He works hard ALL year and it’s fun to see him get recognized for his achievements. This year Mom and Matt are part of the crew so they all went to Columbus for the big state kick-off meeting. Mom took my camera along to capture some moments and here are the pictures from the event (I had to convert most of them to black and white b/c the poor lighting of the banquet room!):

Matt, Zach, and Mom

(Mom’s wearing the Jet Faceted Necklace from Stella and Dot!)

 Mom and Cathy ~ Bffs!

 Zach and Mike (our Aflac trip friend)

Mom with Ramsey who is the funniest guy ever and an Aflac state trainer

 Mom and Lara, the regional coordinator

 Zach and his proud MIL!

 Mr. Rusty, Mom and Zach

Tripp, the state coordinator, brought a little monkey out on stage!

 rackin’ up the awards

 So proud of Zach! #1 Agent in Ga-South for the third year in a row!!!

 Mr. Rusty’s district

After the meeting let out, Zach and a few of the other agents went to a Toga Party at Tripp’s house. It was a prize for a contest he ran and sounded like it was a pretty entertaining evening! The Toga theme is to go along with the BIG trip this year to the Mediterranean. We can’t WAIT! Everyone had to wear Togas and Zach, being Zach, didn’t want to spend any money on one. They were staying over night in a hotel in Columbus so I suggested just using hotel bed sheets. Free, white, and perfect for a toga 🙂 Some of the pictures of the event have been floating around Facebook and this is the only one I’ve seen of Zach hahaha. I did hear that one guys toga caught on fire…glad it wasn’t his or else some lucky ladies probably would have had a free show 🙂

I’m so thankful that Zach has a career that he LOVES, where he is surrounded by friends and family, and that he’s so successful with! We’re so blessed 🙂

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