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Back in September I wrote a post about my weight gain issues and my plans to do the Advocare 24 Day Challenge with Zach in October! A few of yall joined in with us and I LOVED hearing all your results along the way! 

When we were at Disney was when I had my BIG wake up call. I felt awful…and looked it too. When I did our post about Rainforest Cafe I HARDCORE cropped pics so you couldn’t tell how huge I looked in them all. I thought this was especially embarrassing (although it makes for a good “before” picture for sure). 

Right when we got back from Disney I was ready to lose the weight. I couldn’t start another full 24 Day Challenge until October. You can only do the Cleanse portion of the Challenge every 90 days…but doing the Max Phase is okay anytime. So I started on the Max Phase (you can see exactly what products I used HERE) and got my butt on the elliptical. I dropped two pounds within a few days which put me at needing to lose 8 lbs during my challenge.

Zach and I started the Challenge together and felt AMAZING as soon as we started. Even the fiber drink of the Cleanse Phase didn’t bother us a bit. We both had more energy and just felt better overall. (TMI but even my poop was healthier. SO strange btw!) Our challenge lasted a bit longer than the 24 days because a stomach virus attached our home so we went off products for 3 days. We ended up finishing the challenge on Halloween (perfect timing to steal some of the kids candy that night as our reward hahaha) and had awesome results! Zach lost 11 pounds and I lost 8 pounds!!! I slacked and didn’t do any measurements…but I think the pics alone speak volumes to how much BETTER we look!!! More than looks though, I just feel more confident, happier, and healthier overall when I stick to the plan, the products, and the eating right! 

I know it’s the holiday season right now and no one is really thinking about losing weight…hello tasty treats and yummy desserts every where you turn right?!?!? However, Jan 1st will be here before you know it and it’s a GREAT time to kick of the New Year with goals to get healthy and lose that holiday weight! I highly recommend the 24 Day Challenge! It’s an awesome way to break through a plateau, start a weight loss journey, or drop some weight post holiday! You can purchase a 24 Day Challenge here! To get a discount on your Challenge…you can also join the membership here where you pay $79 and get 20% (up to 40%!) off for life, $50 worth of products, and a free website so you can order your own products!

The New Year is also a fabulous time to start fresh with finances. I know I like to go through our budget and adjust things each January. Who couldn’t use extra income? Not just in January but even now? I never planned to adventure into the business end of Advocare but I have been blessed to be earning $400-$800 a month on average with the company! And guess when I got my biggest check this year so far? That’s right…the week of New Years! It’s such a great time to look into the business if that is something your family could benefit from. It’s a SIMPLE business model and I love that it’s something you can do naturally. No pushing people to host parties. No buying a bunch of products to sell. Just by simply sharing my personal experiences with the awesome products on a very casual, part-time basis I’m able to bring in extra income for my family. If it’s something you are interested in for you or your family let me know and I’d be happy to help you get started!

If you want to learn more about Advocare for personal use, for nursing moms, or even for the business side of things you can check out the “Advocare” tab at the top of my blog or read more here!

Speaking of holidays…Advocare has two holiday products they ONLY release during this season. Last year I grabbed a couple boxes of the Orange Cream Meal Replacement Shakes and ohmygoodness I love them! I actually saved a few to use throughout the year as special treats and plan to restock my supply before they are gone again! You can order the Orange Cream Meal Replacement Shakes here (I drink a meal replacement shake every morning! Great way to start the day!)

Most people who enjoy Advocare products RAVE about the Gingerbread Advobar. I hadn’t ever tried one and I’m always leery of ordering stuff when I haven’t tried it. What if I don’t like it, ya know? Well a couple weeks ago I actually had the opportunity to go to Destin on my first ever Advocare incentive trip (yes, I earned a FREE trip and my family got to come too! Post to come!) and they had some there for us to try. Let’s just say all four of us “fought” over them the whole weekend haha. I split our first one four ways for each of us to try it and it was DELICIOUS. I’ve heard they are good warmed up too but I haven’t tried that yet. I also plan to order several boxes of these too (even though I know Zach will be downing them well before the holidays end haha). You can order some of the Gingerbread Advobars for yourself here!

Zach and I can’t do the full challenge again until Jan but hope to get a group together again then! If you’d like any more info or would like to try some Spark (if you haven’t tried it, it is LEGIT!) feel free to email me at!

I hate that I put on that extra weight but am SO thankful Zach and I have both found something that works SO WELL for us to lose weight, maintain our weight loss, be healthier, and earn extra income! 

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