Adventures at the Indoor Playground

While Zach was out of town last week (he DROVE to Texas! DROVE!) Kye and I enjoyed running lots of errands. I had $120 worth of New York and Company gift cards that I got for FREE and were burning a hole in my pocket so we went to spend them! I was SO impressed with how well-behaved Kye was. I have learned when shopping together to do ALL my looking in the beginning. I keep him in the stroller and pile up a TON of stuff THEN go try it all on. I let him out of the stroller in the dressing room to play while I model my potential new clothes for him 😉 He did great and had a lot of fun!




We actually got done shopping (and bought $292 worth of stuff for FREE! Wanna see how? Read my post about it on the new blog!) and got out to the car to realize it was only 4:15. I’d only spent an hour total shopping!!! I thought it was stupid to lug him home just to be hanging out until dinner so we went back into the mall and tried out the new soft indoor playground for the first time!

I heard about it from Crissy and was very excited to see how Kye would like it. I was pleasantly surprised that EVERYTHING in the playground was SOFT and very baby-friendly. Our neighborhood outdoor playground is a REAL playground so we have to be careful letting Kye roam free as he could get hurt, but not in this playground! Kye had a BLAST playing and exploring!

inside the tunnel

considering where to go next

I think we may have a future climber on our hands!



he LOVED it!!!

When we first got there we were the only ones in the play area with ONE other baby! It was her first birthday that day and she was a cutie. Robyn and I try to get Kye and Lorelai to interact allll the time but they just aren’t into it. Of course Kye meets this random girl and played like crazy with her! He followed her around everywhere she went and he tried to copy everything she did. I joked with her mom that he’ll make a good husband someday b/c he’ll let the lady have all the power haha (just kidding honey!!!). 


she was a PRO at climbing but poor Kye kept sliding down haha

busily crawling after her



It was too fun watching them play together and it inspired me to start trying to get him together with other children more often. He was SO outgoing the whole time we were there. An older girl came in to play and he crawled right over to her and climbed in her lap! I have one FRIENDLY child and I love it!

It was a really great experience playing in the playground and I’m upset that it’s SO new but is already starting to fall apart. I guess they allow older kids in there and they tear it up? Why don’t parents teach their children to RESPECT public property? It’s ridiculous! Hopefully we’ll get some more use out of it before it’s torn to shreds!


  1. Elizabeth
    February 16, 2010 / 2:24 am

    Don't encourage the climbing (haha!)! D was (and most of the time still is) a climber and it is really hard. I would definitely get him with other kids as much as you can. I think it is very good for little ones to learn how to play and how to traet others. Plus, you can meet lots of people too. Most of my really good friends are the moms of D's friends.

  2. Danielle
    February 16, 2010 / 5:28 am

    I agree with Elizabeth, climbers are scary! But fun at the same time I think when my nerves are not frazzled. And playing with other kids can usually only do good things plus like liz said you meet new moms, I met one of my best friends through a play group. Oh and on a different note I have made that drive to TX and California now and that is NOT a fun drive at all…imagine doing it with Kye for 5 days!!!

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