9 Months Old!

 Here’s a monthly look at how Kye is doing compared to the “norm.” I had to include some link pics (taken after he woke up from his nap!) as I think I’ll forever remember this month as the month of the yellow link 🙂

At 9 months old Kye can do all of the things that What to Expect the First Year says he “should” be able to do including:

  • work to get a toy that’s out of reach (he LOVES hiding toys then reaching to get them)
  • look for a dropped object (he often gets trapped under his laugh and learn table trying to get the little phone!)


He can do all of the things that a nine month old “will probably” be able to do and most of the things that a baby his age “may possibly” and “may even” be able to do including:

  • pull up to standing position from sitting
  • creep or crawl
  • get into sitting position from stomach
  • object if you try to take a toy away
  • stand holding on to someone or something
  • pick up a tiny object with any part of thumb and finger
  • say “mama” (I wish!) or “dada” indiscriminately
  • play peek-a-boo
  • understand “no” but not always obey it
  • “play ball” by rolling a ball back to you
  • stand alone momentarily


Things Kye can’t quite do yet include:

  • play patty-cake, clap hands, or wave bye-bye (unless the hitting/wave thing counts)
  • walk holding on to furniture, cruise
  • drink from a cup independently (I think he could do this, he can drink from a sippy independently, does that count? or do they mean a legit cup?)
  • pick up a tiny object neatly with tips of thumb and forefinger
  • stand alone well
  • say “dada” or “mama” discriminately
  • say one word other than “mama” or “dada”
  • respond to a one-step command with gestures like “give that to me,” said with hand out (again, haven’t tried this one but I will! He does come when I tell him too which is pretty good!)

This month’s chapter had some good reminders of little games I can play with Kye to help him along with his development. Several of them I either didn’t remember or hadn’t heard of! These include:

  • clap hands: anything that will allow me to show him how to clap his hands like patty cake
  • so big: saying “how big is Kye?” then stretching out his arms and saying “so big!”
  • eyes, nose, mouth: take his hands in mine and have him touch my eyes, nose, then mouth and say what he’s touching as he does it then say “kiss!” and kiss him after! I love this little game, it should be fun!
  • pop goes the weasel: rock back and forth with him singing the song then on the pop I will bounce him. I really think he’ll enjoy this one too!

Another big thing covered in this chapter was more about feeding baby. My gut is really telling me that it’s close to that time where Kye will be wanting to eat real food and not this baby food. Of course I just bought $120 worth of baby food (enough to last us until mid Jan!) so he’ll be eating it for awhile!!! But I do think it’s important for me to start making more nutritious real foods and feeding them to him. Basically I have two goals for this month (wish me luck!!!):

1. Get my child drinking the sippy for feedings and saying good-bye to bottle (pray for me on this one!)
2. Start incorporating more “real” food in his diet

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  1. Danielle
    December 8, 2009 / 8:10 pm

    Girl we have such similar parenting and just overall ways of thinking. I used by C's food like $100 at a time too. I will be praying for you with the cup. It is a hard transition and the whole titling back thing is confusing…we are working on the straw and how you DON'T tilt back with a straw!

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