500 Entries

Wow, I’ve officially written 500 blog posts! Can you believe it??? I never thought that when I wrote my first post that it would become what it has. Not saying I’m Kelly from Kelly’s Korner gettin’ some 200 comments per entry or anything but it’s become a big part of my life and I’ve made so many close friends because of it. I enjoy having people come up to me in stores or write me on Facebook and talk about my blog. Growing up I always dreamed of writing a book and this is the closest I’ll ever come to doing that. It’s such a great feeling to hear that someone has gained something from what I write, that I’ve inspired someone in someway, or even just that Kye is cute. I have an instant bond with anyone who says they read it as I know they aren’t strangers but are instead close friends. I write because I truly love it. I love expressing myself through writing (just ask Zach, I’d rather we argue through emails as maybe I’d have a chance at winning a few of the fights! haha) and I love being able to keep all my memories. All my life I’ve been the “picture taker” of the group so that combined with my love of writing and memory keeping makes blogging a natural fit!

I truly hope this whole online journal world will never go away and that only more and more people will start keeping blogs themselves (please share yours with me as I not only love writing but reading them too!!!). I plan on keeping mine going for as long as it’s physically possible to do so and I’m super pumped about having baby #2, #3, and #4 someday and having this as a resource to reflect back on. I’m also pumped about all my children reading my words someday when I leave this Earth and being able to truly know ME! We all want to leave our mark and this is the one I will leave in my little corner of the world 🙂

In honor of my 500th post I decided to share with you my Top 5 Favorite Blog Entries so far!!! I know many of you may not have been reading from the beginning and may not have read all my favs but here they are so you can read them now and I can reflect back and “remember when.”

5. The reason behind my blogging is to keep memories of my sweet boy. To capture ALL the moments I possibly can 🙂 So duh, some of my favorite posts are about him. I love looking back at my favorite video we’ve posted (which was the “milk in my mouth” one Zach made with Kye). I also love comparing the now to the then like looking at Kye when he was one month old versus one year…hard to believe that’s the same child! I love seeing him with things he loves like his monkey, swimming, jumperoo, books, yellow link, and his backyard toys. My 5th favorite post so far is one that is pretty recent. The joy Kye had at our day at the beach brings a smile to my face just thinking about it and I love looking at his happy face playing in the water!

4. While I don’t consider myself funny I do think sometimes some of my posts are. When people tell me I’m funny I know what they really mean to say is that I’m honest. Honesty is rare and it makes people laugh for some reason. I’ve gotten several comments about my gas-loving post and how funny it was but my #4 favorite post so-far that actually made me laugh while writing it was my only attempt at a Not-Me Monday thing from McMama’s blog.

3. Not all my blog entries have been about Kye and parenting. At first the blog started out all about those things but as my journal it has evolved into everything I face in life. I’ve blogged about Nana passing away, Uncle Spear entering Heaven, and more recently sweet baby Tripp leaving this Earth much too soon. While I stirred up some controversy with a couple posts too, I’m still proud of them. I feel like I did a great job expressing my feelings on my self-esteem, instantly loving my baby, my struggles to forgive during some issues at our church, my awesome Mother’s Day luncheon speech, and my pain that I experienced during my brother’s wedding. My third favorite blog entry is actually about my spiritual growth through my mourning and grief when Nana died. It’s my post about Heaven and the book by Randy Alcorn. I’m thankful for that book as it helped me grow SO much and I’m thankful that Rachael is now reading it as I know it’ll help her during her tough time as well.

2. I will NEVER forget all my breastfeeding issues and how proud I am of myself for continuing to nurse as long as I did throughout all the struggle and all our many trips during that time. Speaking of trips we’ve had LOTS of those that I’ve blogged about too…like Paris, St. Simons, Daytona, Cancun, NYC, Disney, Skiing and so many more. However, my second favorite blog entry so far is the one about my pumping experience in Paris…it was so insane and looking back I crack up remembering the whole experience.

1. It’s the obvious favorite but whatever! I re-read Kye’s birth story more than I read any of my past entries and with that I also love reading Zach’s version. Both of these posts tie for #1 for sure!!! I wish I could go back in time and blog about other big events in my life (like our engagement and wedding and such) as I know those would rank pretty high on the list as well but at least I started this early in my pregnancy and will be able to remember each and every special event as a mommy 🙂

I can’t wait until I reach 1,000 posts when I’ll get to look back again and pick out my top 10 entries! Anyone have any favorites I left out???

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