4th of July

Every year we celebrate the 4th of July in St Augustine. We took our annual trip earlier this year, due to my pregnancy, and decided to have a low-key cookout for the 4th at our house. Courtney’s crew was out of town on their annual 4th trip so it was just Mr. Rusty, Mrs. Charlotte, Casey, Jordan, Carter and then our four. It was a GREAT excuse to deep clean the house and get everything completely knocked off the “before baby comes” list 🙂

While I cleaned the house that morning Zach took the kids to run some errands…and it, of course, ended with a slushie run 😉 

He also surprised me with a present! When you are less than a month out from your due date you need all the bending down help you can get 😉

Best Friends!

One of the things on the list to accomplish was for Zach to build a new baby gate for our stairs. Didn’t this turn out awesome?!?! He did it 100% on his own!

Ready to celebrate the 4th!

My last holiday pregnant!

Their first holiday as parents!

Ugh. Pics when we aren’t pregnant together are NOT as much fun haha!

We had THE BEST afternoon! The weather was AMAZING. We all literally stayed outside and were never too hot. We even opted to eat dinner outside because it felt so great! Everyone came over around 1 and we were able to have “adult swim” until our kids got up from naps. Zach and I have semi-converted our guest bedroom into “Carter’s room” with our pack and play and other essentials to make it easy on Casey and Jordan to come over 🙂 

When Carter was up they took him for his first official swim! (It was about 2 min long haha)

He slept right through it!

Kye was so excited!

Kye woke up at his normal time and Britt ended up sleeping late so it worked out for Kye to get some fun time with the grown ups playing! He loved it!

She was all smiles too!

Britt has been doing AWESOME this summer with her swimming. It took her awhile to want to swim but now that she loves it, she REALLY loves it. She always wants to be swimming off the steps to us and then have us swim her back to the steps. Over and over and over again!

It was SO cute watching her swim back and forth from Big Papa to G-Mama! 

Jordan taught Kye how to play categories (or as he calls it “Stars”). Kye quickly became a pro at it and wants to play it all the time now. The most often used category is always something Disney related, of course!

We had a big feast for dinner of BBQ and the fixins!

Ready to grub!

Kye worked hard on some cards for Casey and Jordan and also for Big Papa and G-Mama

He drew Casey, Jordan and Carter holding hands

and Big Papa and G-Mama holding hands too

Mr. Rusty got to give Carter his bottle!

And he had some helpers too

Having Carter over is such a wake up call to what it will be like with three kids in our house. Poor Carter was MEGA overstimulated haha. Kye and Britt were ALL over him!

While we missed our traditional 4th of July fun (especially our yearly celebration with the Hitchcock family!) we still had a GREAT day and so much fun together!

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  1. Amanda Jones
    August 6, 2014 / 12:55 pm

    Several things…. #1 Britt deserves an award for best SMILE haha, I love how it looks like she's straining to smile in post pics, super cute. #2 Casey looks AWESOME after having a baby. #3 I love Carter's burp cloth. #4 You make chores look easy pregnant.

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