4th of July ~ Morning

The morning of July 4th we got our free breakfast (at this point in the trip Kye actually asked for the fresh fruit they had…I think he was missing his constant fruit eating from home!). Then Kye wanted to go fishing some more so the boys headed out to the docks. I decided to take Britt out there as well as she was pretty fussy and being outside ALWAYS cheers her up. I’m so glad I did because while we were out there we got to see a HUGE family of manatees!!! It was AWESOME!!!

 Kye kept saying “they don’t have eyes!” 

Zach and I couldn’t remember if they do have eyes or not…haha

We looked up a pic of manatees on our phone to show Kye what they legit look like…and yes, they do have eyes πŸ˜‰

I took Brittlynn back to the room for nap and Zach and Kye stayed out to catch some fish! They had a nice time together. Once they were done they went to our beach spot to set up then went to swim at the pool while we let Brittlynn nap πŸ™‚

 Ready for THE BEACH!

Zach knew I was pretty upset about Kye’s sleep issues and I had a LOT of guilt over it (while looking at dream beach houses I also spent a LOT of time looking up good places for us to stay next year…). He was SO sweet all day! He really helped the trip end on a GREAT note. I had them stop for the picture above and then Zach offered to take a picture of Brittlynn and I together. It’s the little things but that was such a loving gesture πŸ™‚

 It was about 11:00 on the 4th of July…THIS is how crowded the beach was…

 And this is how far away we were from it. Our secret spot ROCKS!!!

 Lunch time πŸ™‚

 Kye was a tad whiny…lack of sleep catching up on him! He kept getting sand in his eyes

 So he would race down to the water to wash it out again!

One of my FAVORITE “Britt” things is the little beads of sweat she gets across the bridge of her nose. She got it even when she was a little newborn. It’s so precious to me! Random, I know!

Two pretty significant things happened with Brittlynn while on this trip!!!

1) She said MAMA for the first time!!! When we arrived at our hotel and were busy unpacking she said it!!! I was pretty pumped!

2) She also reached out for me with a purpose for the first time. It was our first day at the beach and she did not like it and she reached for me and clung to me and wanted me to hold her. It was sweet πŸ™‚ 

On this beach day I just let her chill with me and we watched the boys play for awhile! Again, I LOVE having a chill partner πŸ˜‰

 She was happy to hang out!

 Kye wanted to just chill some too

Even though Brittlynn wasn’t a huge fan of the ocean, I refuse to just let her not try it. She needs to be made to try things and experience things. It’s through that exposure that she’ll learn to like stuff right? This time I took her down to the water to play with her πŸ™‚

 Still not much of a fan…

 She’s SO expressive haha

 Daddy’s turn!

 Once he took her WAY out she did a lot better

 at least for the most part πŸ˜‰

 Kye enjoyed watching and grubbing out

I don’t know about where you live but this year has been BAD for our area with bugs. I think because of all the rain we’ve had??? We NEVER worry about bug spray but on this trip I put sunscreen then bug spray on each of us anytime we went outside. The only time I failed to do this was when we went to play putt-putt. While there I think I got bit by something? When we were at the beach my legs felt like they had baddd razor burn. I figured it was just because I had shaved the night before and was in the salty ocean water. I finally looked down and was COVERED in red spots. The actual site of the bite had gotten pretty big and had a white spot in the middle of it where the bug had bitten me. It was also pretty painful. I ended up taking a dose of benadryl that night (which STILL affected me the next day…I do not do well with drowsy meds!) and, thankfully, it cleared up!

Zach said he had a surprise to show us so we decided to pack it up early. While the boys packed up I took Britt back down to the water and she actually enjoyed it!!! I just held her close to me the whole time and she was laughing and everything! Of course it’s the one time we didn’t have the camera ready πŸ˜‰ But at least she did warm up to it finally!

The secret beach we go to isn’t actually in St Augustine…it’s called Vilano Beach. I LOVE the adorable little town and would totally love it if our dream beach house could be there. Super close to Old Town St Augustine. Quiet, pretty, beachy town! LOVE it! Zach ran to Publix with Kye that morning to get us some more waters and happened to see a yogurt place next door. Again, being SO thoughtful and sweet he wanted to take us! He knew just how to make me happy huh? Pictures and ice cream are the way to my heart πŸ˜‰ 

We just went in with our towels and swim suits on! They didn’t mind and the girl working there actually attended VSU so she was all about us πŸ™‚

When we left the yogurt place a guy was walking by us and stopped us to tell us that we have a beautiful family and look like a Barbie doll family. Um could this day GET any better? Haha. It was SO sweet and def made my already great day even better πŸ˜‰ Who doesn’t love random compliments from strangers right? 

We went back to the hotel and jumped in the pool for a few minutes before nap time. Kye showed me his new skills…he and Zach had a BLAST practicing swim while Britt napped earlier that morning and Kye was swimming across the pool over and over again! I’m excited for him to learn stroke this fall, I for sure think he’s ready for it and I love to see how much FUN he has in the water!

We all rested up and got ready for the rest of our fun 4th of July day!

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  1. Tamie Boykin
    March 20, 2013 / 12:00 am

    Hang in there!!!!! GOD AND JESUS love you and JESUS is praying for you and so am I!!!! You are very loved forever by all THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN!!!!!!!

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