4th of July Fun in St. Augustine!

I’m a stickler for some traditions and our 4th of July one is up there among my favorites. Duh, going to St. Augustine every year is a blast but we also get to spend at least some of the trip with good friends too! Katie and her family just so happen to vacation in St. Augustine for a week each summer and it always falls on the 4th. They have us over for dinner on the big day and we get to say the pledge, tell why we love to be an American, and sing flag songs together each year. It’s really fun and I was looking forward to it again this year!

Before heading over we took some pictures around our hotel. Again, I like traditions and when we stayed at the Inn at Camachee Harbor for Brandon’s wedding we made sure to get a picture by this neat tree, so I want that to be a thing we do each time we stay there ๐Ÿ™‚

love the ear pulling

We were a little early so we took a walk down by the water outside our hotel and looked at all the boats (it’s a marina too I guess?). Zach had seen one he wanted to show me and I couldn’t believe it!!! My dad’s dad was named Guy Sedgley (it’s also my brother’s middle name) and you all know my Uncle’s (my dad’s brother’s) name was Spear…so isn’t this super cool????

When we got to Katie’s we decided to take a walk down the the beach. I totally didn’t bring Kye’s suit but he was dying to go swimming so I did a very non-Emily thing to do and just took off his shirt and let him go! They had a dryer at their condo so I knew we could just dry off his outfit before dinner and he deserved some beach fun ๐Ÿ™‚ 

ready to gooooo

sweet baby footprint

I said “he looks like a playboy bunny model” and got in BIG trouble for saying it but then later Zach said Kye looked like he had a dip in his mouth which I guess is somehow not as bad as being a playboy model?!?!

The Donald Trump Hairstyle

high fivers for beach fun!

enjoying the fun from afar ๐Ÿ˜‰

this random lady started blowing bubbles at Kye and telling us how they look like orbs? She was strange but Kye loved the bubbles!

getting all the sand off…the Zach way

After our little beach adventure we headed back to the condo to enjoy some good barbecue and hot dogs. Katie’s whole family is so sweet, especially her mom. She’s seriously the sweetest person EVER! She kept sneaking Kye vanilla wafers so he loved her a lot ๐Ÿ˜‰

this would be cute if Zach’s shirt wasn’t all wet from the beach

he climbed up in this chair BY HIMSELF and was going for the hot dogs when I caught him!

attempt at a family picture = failure

American Boy

When at Publix shopping for our trip I saw some Morning Glorys (which I wasn’t sure if they were sparklers?) for $1 so I figured they could be fun or at least mildly entertaining. After dinner we went out back to try them out and they were kinda like sparklers but not really…and they weren’t all that entertaining or fun either but oh well at least they were only $1!

I stole this one from Hannah ๐Ÿ™‚

fearless kids and fire don’t mix

another attempt at a family picture and yet another failure

the girls with our “sparklers”

group shot by the water

friends forever!

We had a great time with the Hitchcock family and headed home for Kye’s bedtime. We stopped by a Redbox and returned The Princess and The Frog and picked up Valentine’s Day to watch while we waited for the fireworks to start. We thought we only had a little bit of The Office left and we’d need to watch the movie but it ended up being the season finale (SO amazing…I’m PUMPED for Season 4!) and by the time we watched all the dvd bonus features (we totally watch ALL the deleted scenes after each episode, I’m telling you I’m HARDCORE) it ended up being 9:15 and the fireworks started at 9:30. We love watching the fireworks every year and this year was the best yet because we didn’t have to sit in our car for 2-3 hours waiting for them to start! We just walked out on our porch (with the dogs b/c they freak out) and watched them then went back inside and watched the movie (it wasn’t that great). Next year we’ll probably keep Kye up to see them but this year we didn’t feel like it was worth waking him up ya know?

It was another great 4th of July filled with lots of fun memory making for sure! 

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