39 Weeks Pregnant!

I am now officially considered full term! I am so thankful and so blessed to have such a healthy pregnancy. I’m thankful for my baby to make it this far and to know he or she is fully developed at this point and ready for life outside the womb at anytime!!!

Baby Growth: Leo is done cookin’! He or she is fully developed and is around 20 inches long and weighs over 7 lbs. Isn’t it ironic that the compare the size to a watermelon?!?! Not gonna lie…kinda freaks me out! Looking at this full grown little baby though is exciting πŸ™‚

My Symptoms: My symptoms from last week to this week are completely night and day. It’s like someone came and switched my pregnancy with someone else’s! I feel SO different!!! Last week I was basically MISERABLE. I had a lot of negative symptoms and didn’t know how I’d make it much longer being pregnant. This whole pregnancy I have compared myself to my pregnancy with Kye…and up until this week that has been true. But now? I feel like how I ended my pregnancy with Britt. I’m not miserable. I feel GREAT! No more leg pains at all, back feels great, belly doesn’t hurt, nothing!

Friday night we went on a family outing. Kye has asked a couple times to go bowling so we thought it was a good time to do it! We only played one game (and Kye legit beat me haha I’m not the best bowler) but had a fun time and got the chance to take this awesome pic haha

Friday night I had a lot of dreams about labor. I woke up often thinking that maybe it was the time. I have had a hunch for awhile now that I will have a  middle of the night baby. So much so that I’ve made plans and arrangements just in case that were to happen. I’ve never thought about it happening in the past! So we’ll see! 

Saturday morning we went over to Mrs. Charlotte’s and took them breakfast. Mr. Rusty had his biopsy Friday and just wanted to be around his children and grandchildren (if you missed the news the other day…we are rejoicing in God’s blessings that he is CANCER FREE! whoop! whoop!). We hung out over there until lunch time and while there I lost a HUGE glob of mucus plug mixed with a little bit of brown. 

I felt very “off” all day Saturday. Just not myself. Very out of it. Lethargic and emotional. I’d made plans with Mrs. Charlotte for her and I to have lunch together at Chicken Salad Chick. I want to make sure to eat at all my favorite places before this baby comes πŸ™‚ I feel bad b/c what was supposed to be a fun lunch ended up being 2 Β½ hours of me bawling. I had a lot of emotions surrounding my concerns of being a burden on people. Without my mom involved anymore I now NEED Mrs. Charlotte. Not just for the help with the baby, but emotionally too. I feel like I’m burdening her so much especially combined with the concerns we were having at the time about Mr. Rusty. It was just a lot of guilt I felt. I mean she never asked for a third daughter ya know? She shouldn’t have to have that responsibility! I cried a good bit about it and apologized like 1,000 times and cried about Mom and cried just basically about anything and everything. Glad I didn’t run into anyone I knew πŸ˜‰ Mrs. Charlotte was super sweet about it all and it was good to get it all out of my system and off my chest. She said that while she hates everything I have gone through and wishes it was all different, that she’s thankful for the opportunity to be able to be so close to me and to be able to be so involved with our little family. She said she was always worried about her daughter-in-law because so often the sons do separate a lot from the family when they get married but that she’s been so blessed that we are so close to them and that she’s become so close to me. That woman knows just what to say huh? πŸ™‚ 

Once I got home Zach was cashed out napping so I jumped in and napped too and then we got ready for our date night! We wanted to have one last night out together and used our gift card at The Bistro then had dessert at The Mix. It was an awesome meal and a great time! I felt WAY better after unloading to Mrs. Charlotte and after a nap πŸ™‚ I was able to relax and just enjoy that quality time with him! 

When we got home after our date we were talking to Jolee and her friend that had come with her to babysit and I had two LEGIT contractions. Like bend over b/c they hurt so bad pains. I went to the bathroom and had a MASSIVE glob of mucus. I rushed to get in the bed as quick as possible and was thinking that maybe labor would be that night. Nope!

But when I woke up Sunday morning I felt like a brand new person. My stomach looked lower and felt WAY better. I could breathe better, bend better, wear my bra without discomfort. It was basically awesome. I feel 100% more comfortable than I did a week ago for sure!!! Even at church Sunday morning multiple people commented that I looked lower than I did in my belly picture I had posted on Friday! 

On Monday I lost even more plug (I mean how much can you have?!?!) but overall just felt great. Probably too great! It was at that point that I started thinking maybe this baby won’t come early after all. I felt so awful and miserable with Kye and he came much earlier (6 days earlier) than Britt and I think it’s because I honestly wasn’t in a rush to stop being pregnant with her! I was content in my pregnancy and enjoyed it! And this week I’ve felt so great that I kinda think it may be awhile!

Monday night I went out with some friends! I went to get my nails done with Kori then hit up a Mexican place I’d never been to with Courtney, Casey, Keeli, Robyn, and Kori! It was super yummy (and cheap!) and I even busted out some awesome karaoke skills with Casey (and there is some super embarrassing video footage as well…). It was a great night! 

I was excited to still be pregnant on Tuesday because I was able to go get my hair done. With both previous pregnancies I went into labor prior to my appointments! Yay for fresh hair AND nails for delivery pictures!!!

 When I had my nails done Britt wanted hers done too…first time painting her fingers! (I’ve done her toes but have avoided the fingers!)

On Wednesday I had my appointment. Wednesday was the day Zach and I both have said from early on in pregnancy that we thought I’d deliver. Like we REALLY thought it was gonna happen that day! You can read all about my appointment here!

After the appointment I did feel some discomfort and cramping, but nothing major. I went and had a massage. I thought the double whammy of having my check (and getting my membranes scrapped) AND having the massage may help move things along! My friend, Amanda (at Serenity if you are local!), is amazing and it was an AWESOME massage! Very relaxing but she also focused on the pressure points for me too πŸ™‚ 

Once I got home from there Zach was already at home so we did some family swimming then I cooked dinner. The kids have had TOO MUCH junk lately so I wanted to have a nice family meal just in case labor came soon and they’d be having more junk. We then ran out to get me a pineapple smoothie! I’ve heard from many people that pineapple helps start labor so I thought it’d be a good time to try! 

Since labor didn’t come on Wednesday I went ahead and put it out there on Facebook that I have ZERO plans and would LOVE to do fun things while I wait for baby. The kids and I are, legit, at a place of boredom. I’ve done EVERYTHING I wanted/needed to do before labor. And I’ve also knocked off EVERYTHING on our summer bucket list. They have spent enough time at home and we need to just GET OUT and do things!!! 

Yesterday we went to a local park and then to CFA with my friend, Ashley. And today we went swimming with Robyn and her kids at her mom’s pool. If this baby stays put till next week I’m DOWN for more playdates!!!

Zach and I are also totally out of money for the month and have like no dinner meals to make haha. I told y’all…we really thought this baby would be here by now πŸ˜‰ If it goes another week at least a new month will start so our budget will roll over haha!

Yesterday I was still feeling great and then at 1:30 I had my bloody show. When I had the bloody show with Britt I was in labor and had her that day. I had some cramping after the show yesterday and thought “maybe this is it!” So I took a nap and had two legit contractions about 10 min apart after I woke up. So I jumped in the shower to get clean just in case and once I got out I didn’t have any more. Since then I’ve had some random contractions and a good bit of cramping but nothing exciting and am still, overall, feeling really good. Which at this point in the game feeling good is actually a bad thing because I feel like it means labor is far away still!

Both the massage and the membrane sweep take 24-48 hours if they are going to put you in labor and a lot of what I read about the bloody show is that it means labor is within a couple days. So we’ll see, but I’m def not holding my breath about a baby coming this weekend! I did go ahead and start inserting the evening primrose oil last night and plan to keep doing that each night as I’ve heard it really helps to soften and prepare the cervix! 

Zach has told me three times now how proud he is of me for my attitude about this. I really do totally 100% feel fine about this baby coming on God’s timing. It’s up to the Lord and Leo! It ain’t up to me! I’m down to try tricks to induce labor because I think it’s kinda fun AND because I do think many of the tricks help prepare your body for labor even if they don’t necessarily make labor occur. I’m not impatient about this baby’s arrival (at least not yet!) and think as long as the kids and I stay busy and out of the house that I will keep up my good attitude about it. The ONLY thing that makes me want to go crazy is worrying about having the baby on a certain schedule. Lindsay, my photographer, leaves again for out of town Monday. Stacy has her baby late next week. So those two KEY people may miss it. On top of that I have other people constantly telling me when it would work best for them for me to have my baby. Really it’s the only thing that is making me want to go nuts! I can’t decide when this baby will come. I can’t decide it for my own schedule…let alone yours!!! 

Overall though I’m emotionally and physically feeling really great. I have had TONS of sweet, sweet friends and family check on me this week. I love the texts and messages and really it means a lot to me that so many people are so excited for Leo’s arrival and so invested in my little family πŸ™‚ I appreciate all the love and support SO MUCH!!!! I also think the longer it takes for Leo to arrive, the less and less concerned I am about the pain aspect of labor. I have had more opportunities to practice my relaxation, I’ve had more time to allow my body to naturally progress in dilation/effacement etc, and the more eager I get to go into labor the less I care about the pain involved πŸ˜‰ I’m really feeling a lot more confident than I was a week ago which is def a blessing!

Weight: I gained 1 lb…29 lbs total. Looks like I might hit 30! Yikes! I had Kye at this point and gained 39 total with him so at least it’s not going to be as bad as that!

Gender: Zach is doing great being positive about it being a girl πŸ™‚ I am sticking with my original guesses of boy although ending my pregnancy so similar to Britt’s makes me think girl more!

Maternity Clothes: I’m enjoying trying to wear all the cute ones I can before I won’t be wearing them anymore! I def won’t mind being back in normal people clothes!

Movement: Still plenty active! I can def tell he or she is lower even with where I feel the baby positioned. 

Sleep: I had one night this week where I completely slept through the night and it was awesome! I’m sleeping well and going to bed earlier than usual. I’m also napping a good bit in the afternoons. I figure if I have nothing else to do, why not rest up? 

Cravings: This week we made cocoa-no-bakes! We were bored and I was like…when bored bake! So we made them and they are amazing πŸ™‚ 

I also stopped and got Chicken Salad Chick for lunch on Wednesday between my appointment and massage. So I had it twice this week and it’s SO awesome. I did think it was funny how I could use my tummy as a table for my food haha I rigged it up to be positioned between my belly and the steering wheel πŸ˜‰ Skills!

Things Accomplished This Week: Like I said, I don’t have anything LEFT to accomplish! I did, however, order myself some “goal jeans.” Gap had a massive sale and I had a notification from them that some of my Gap Cash was about to expire so I got these and am pretty crunk about being able to wear them. I figured I’d hang them in my line of site as a good visual for motivation. I also saw someone post this week about their Bellefit thing that I bought and it looks awesome so I’m excited about that too!

Zach took the kids this week and got my push present (although from the look of it it’s push presents). I think it’s super cute that the kids were involved this time around and am excited to see what they got for me!

What I Miss: I’m feeling great! But I mean I kinda miss feeling miserable only b/c maybe that’d make the baby arrive sooner πŸ˜‰ 

Best Moments of the Week: It was a fun week! And even though it can get frustrating playing the “waiting on baby game” it’s also SUCH a fun and exciting time! I mean it could literally be ANY minute!!! Kye and I love talking about it and I’ll always tuck him in and say “and remember if Uncle Jordan is here that means the baby is coming!” And we talk about any activity we go do and say we might have to leave early if the baby comes πŸ˜‰ I feel so blessed to be able to experience allowing my body to tell me when the baby is ready. I know so many women who have to have c-sections and would love to be in this phase of pregnancy. I’m trying to keep reminding myself of how fun it is not knowing when it will happen! 

Questions/Concerns: I don’t have any of either. I will be sad if Lindsay is gone when it happens but I feel good about the back up options I have too. I also will be sad if Stacy misses it but will talk with her on Wednesday about what my plan b should be about it! 

Goals for the Week: 

  • If no baby then STAY BUSY! I gotta be out and about as much as possible not just for the kids…but for myself too!
  • Sleep early and nap often
  • Lay out! This week it rained like every afternoon dangit!

Belly Pics: Since I have an outie now and Britt also has an outie I wanted to get a couple pics of us with our matching belly buttons πŸ™‚ Such twins haha!

If I DO make it to my due date next week it’ll be the first time I’ve ever used the 40 week pregnancy stickers! We’ll see what happens! 

 Do I look lower than last week to you?

Notes from Past Pregnancies: At this point with Kye I was already home with him πŸ™‚ With Britt I wrote my last pregnancy post and you can read it here! Well I’m 7 lbs over my weight with Britt at this point. Yuck! 

Much like last pregnancy, my only reasons for being “ready for baby” now are scheduling reasons. Zach’s birthday is August 7th and I’d def like the baby to be here in time for us to be functioning for his bday. The kids start school August 11th and, again, I’d like to be functioning so I can go their first day. Kid’s sale is August 2nd and I’d totally love to go to that (oh! that’s in one week you say?!?! Maybe I’m pushing my luck on that one huh?!?!). We also go to Hawaii in October and the sooner I have the baby, the more time I will have to pump and store milk. Obviously if the baby comes this weekend I’ll get to have both Lindsay AND Stacy there which would be amazing! 

Sidenote: IF you are local and IF you are present to meet our baby PLEASE do NOT share ANYTHING via social networking until AFTER we post the news ourselves!!! We want to be able to introduce our baby to the world and would be very, very upset to have that moment taken by someone else doing it! We may not post up the announcement right away either as we want a chance for those who can come meet the baby to be able to find out the sex and name in person…and I want to make sure my dad gets to talk to me and hear the news from ME and not from someone who saw it on social media!!! 

Please continue to keep us in your prayers! I can def feel them all and feel so blessed to be lifted up by so many during this time. I am excited and eager to meet our new baby and hope I will be posting the news soon!

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