27 Weeks Pregnant

Another week already?!? I swear Labor Day totally made this week fly by!

Baby Growth: Right now Blitzen is weighing about the same as a head of cauliflower – about 2 lb and is 14 1/2 inches long when his or her legs are fully extended. Blitzen’s forming his or her own little schedule and is sleeping and waking at regular intervals and may even be sucking some fingers! I should start to be able to feel those little hiccups soon too.

Belly Pictures: It’s been a crazy busy day so I may not look as fresh faced as usual πŸ˜‰ I’m wearing all regular people clothes in these pictures along with my belly stickers turquoise sea drop earrings and bardot silver spiral bracelet.

 My Symptoms: No spotting since Sunday! Zach asked me at dinner the other night if I’d been spotting any and I said “no but GAH I have mega tons of discharge.” And he looked all totally grossed out about me saying that over dinner…I don’t get men? Spotting and discharge come out of the same place, the only difference is one is blood colored which to me is grosser? Anyways yeah I am currently wearing a panty liner b/c the “d word” is pretty hardcore. I have an appointment Tuesday (yes, ALREADY another one!) so I’m just gonna wait till then and I think a prescription is probably smart to make sure I don’t have some type of bacterial junk that the other test didn’t catch. Better safe than sorry.

I always read about how pregnant women often get constipated…I have the opposite problem (yes! more bodily functions I’m sure you’re dying to hear about!). I can poop on demand at this point. I swear I will have to poop like every 15-20 min while Kye is napping. Such a waste of “me time”!

While at the beach this weekend we went to the St Augustine Outlets and I got fitted for a new bra…I’m now a 36C. MUCH smaller than I was last time around (still no milk leakage either). I also went to pack my bathing suits for the trip and realized that all my one pieces didn’t fit b/c my belly made them turn into some strange frontal thong look and my tankinis made my boobs look like they were touching my toes (oh, that’s because the ARE). So also at the outlet we found two maternity tankini tops for only $7 apiece and I can wear them in Hawaii πŸ™‚ 

No headaches to report! I have been sleeping better (now that we’re HOME…post to come on that adventure…) and had a WONDERFUL dream this week. I dreamed that Blitzen is a boy and looks JUST like Kye. I kept calling him Kye over and over on accident and I dreamed about nursing him. I know the dream came from two concerns 1. that my milk supply won’t be as good since I’m not leaking yet and 2. that Blitzen won’t be as cute as Kye. I’ve been SO worried about health stuff that the thought hasn’t even crossed my mind about looks until this week. Kye wasn’t a mega cute baby but I’ll be honest – I KNOW he’s a super cute toddler. While Blitzen’s health is the most important factor – I do hope he or she is a cutie too πŸ˜‰ 

We got back to doing Bradley this week and I really feel SO much better about myself when doing it!!! I also got back on track with my eating and that really helps my happiness too. I just feel better when I know I’m doing my personal best at things ya know? I also wrote down every little thing that I need to get accomplished before Blitzen arrives and started (slowly) tackling things. Zach has stepped up with getting stuff done around the house too and I think all of it combined has made a big change in my attitude – I feel SO much more positive!!!

Speaking of getting stuff done I FINALLY registered for Blitzen!!! I feel bad that it wasn’t some big event like Kye’s registering adventure was, but I still put a lot of thought and time into it. This time around I used Amazon.com. If you’ve never used Amazon, you’re really missing out. They have this thing called Amazon Mom where you can get FREE 2 day shipping!!! Their registry rocks b/c it allows me to add any item from any website to my Amazon registry. I’m super pumped about it πŸ™‚ I’d LOVE some insight from other moms…feel free to take a look at the registry (you can view it HERE) and let me know if you have any suggestions!!! The biggest item was the stroller…I’ve asked every single double stroller toting mama I’ve passed about how she likes her stroller and I’ve met SO many Mom’s who LOVE their Baby Jogger City Mini Double. It’s not cheap (and you have to buy all accessories separately) but the reviews are A-MAZING and when I added up the cost of all the strollers we bought for Kye it was more than the cost of this one, and this one would be the ONLY stroller we need. I feel good about making the choice to have this one be “the one” what do you think???


Weight: Only gained one lb! 9 lb overall. I figure if I carry till my due date and can do my best to only gain 1 lb per week till then, I will gain 22 lb overall which would be perfect! Good goal!

Gender: WE HAVE A FULL BOY’S NAME!!! YAY!!! I love love love love love it. We actually have two boys names. And still not one full girls name. I just have never liked girls names. Even when I was younger I had like 5 dream boys names and zero girls ones. They just aren’t as cool as boys names are ya know? We came up with the boys name in St Augustine over the weekend when Zach was SO sweet and said he wanted to spend just some us time in the room before joining his whole family to watch the UGA game (no, I didn’t watch…I do not care the least bit about UGA). We used that time wisely and had fun together looking up names and actually found the missing part we needed to make the name a full one from a random website πŸ™‚

Maternity Clothes: I’m wearing them some and still wearing regular clothes too. So much so that I’m debating getting a new Bella Band b/c mine is kinda stretched out and it’s hard to wear it pulled all the way up – I typically have to fold it over. I still go by what I said last week – I’m not buying ANY more maternity clothes. Crissy was so sweet to go through all her stuff and has left some goodies for me on the front porch, I’m excited for Zach to bring them in so I can look through them!

Movement: I wish there was a way to somehow record how the movement feels so I can feel it forever. Even when it’s painful it’s wonderful and it makes me so sad for the women out there who never get to experience that feeling. Sure, pregnancy isn’t super awesome all the time but feeling that baby move inside of me is beyond amazing. 

Sleep: I know I HAVE to rest more. I mean I just had all that scare and everything last week! But here I am still going going going. I’m trying, I really am. And Zach has been WONDERFUL about stepping up. I just have to keep being mindful and keep saying NO to things that are going to push it too much. I have been sleeping great though so that’s a good thing. No more worrying at all!!!

Cravings: Peanut butter on cinnamon graham crackers and chocolate milk. I’ve been on a BIG chocolate milk kick this week. I could go for a glass with a cosmic brownie right about now πŸ™‚ I only allow myself to drink 1 oz glass of choc milk a day though! Plus I do have milk in my cereal in the mornings. I really haven’t been craving ice cream much at ALL this pregnancy. I can’t even remember the last time I had a Blizzard. Given the choice I’d choose Subway, Red Lobster or Zaxby’s over Dairy Queen right now! CRAZY!

What I Miss: I wish there were more hours in the day but who doesn’t? I don’t really miss anything at ALL right now – I’d say I’m pretty content!

Best Pregnancy Moment of the Week: Picking out the full boys name was a really fun time for me and something I enjoyed sharing with Zach. I also bought Blitzen’s baby book (from Hallmark…it’s yellow with green and BLUE on it and yet first thing Zach says is “I like it for a girl” grrrrrr) which was SUPER exciting since I haven’t bought anything specifically for Blitzen yet! And while in Hallmark a lady I used to babysit for, who I haven’t seen in years, ran into me and said right away “oh you’re expecting another one!” So that means I’m totally legit πŸ˜‰

Questions/Concerns: The discharge is annoying, gross, and worrisome. I picked up my compression socks today and need to try them on to make sure they fit before the big VEGAS trip Thur! I need to type up the finalized birth plan. 

Goals for this Week: Rest as much as I can before Vegas and Disney…then take it EASY on both trips. Luckily in Vegas we only have ONE big event so I don’t think I’ll over do it and I’ve been working on the Disney itinerary and I don’t think it’ll be too rough on me either. The average temp everyday is 80, which is hot but not unbearable. And we’re going on the least crowded days and we get a pass to make it so we don’t have to wait in line…so I think we’ll be pretty good!

Notes from Pregnancy #1: During this week last pregnancy my back was starting to hurt more (a symptom I’ve yet to notice which is kinda odd considering I bend and lift a 30 lb toddler a million times a day!) and Zach and I had our Christmas together. I LOVE that tradition and wonder how we’ll do something this year?!? We may just have Kye spend the night with someone and do our Christmas together at the house? We had an AWESOME trip up in Pigeon Forge and got home in time for our breastfeeding basics class, which was my favorite parenting class of them all. Another ironic thing is that this week was the first time someone noticed that I’m pregnant this pregnancy and last pregnancy! Guess I really started to show during week 27 huh? We finished Kye’s nursery (poor Blitzen…his or her room is SO bare!) and had “Clover’s” 4D ultrasound!!! It was a great experience and something I’m looking forward to in just a couple weeks!


  1. Crissymegow
    September 10, 2011 / 4:37 am

    so funny that you have a whole bunch of boy names, b/c we have a TON of girl names!!Β  We have never really been crazy about any boy names other than Titus πŸ™‚Β  Good thing we have lots of girls πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  2. Sara N
    September 10, 2011 / 11:17 am

    My sister has the City Mini stroller and she LOVES it!Β 

  3. emilysparker
    September 12, 2011 / 12:44 am

    that's great to hear…it seems like EVERYONE who owns it loves it πŸ˜‰

  4. emilysparker
    September 12, 2011 / 12:45 am

    i'll bet your theory is right..,you love girls names b/c you have lots of girls and i'll probably have lots of boys since i love boy names so much πŸ™‚

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