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Britt's 6th Birthday Letter {From Daddy}

Friday, February 23, 2018

Zach writes a letter to each of our kids on their birthdays :) Here's his letter to Britt!


     It is hard to believe you are only 6 years old. It seems like you were born not so long ago but you are so grown for your age. My favorite memory from you this past year is you watching Star Wars. You really loved it way more than I thought you would. I don’t like that Anakin is your favorite character. You are also so amazing at gymnastics. It warms my heart to see you love something and practice so hard to get better.

You have also started losing so many teeth. I was shocked that you let Kye pull it out! You still have such a sweet smile. You still bring so much joy to every room you walk in. You just make things more fun when you are in your giggly mood. I also am amazed by your singing talent. You sing good and loud when we are driving around in my car. Please never change that.

We have also had our first little bit of “boy trouble” this year. Just know that Daddy always has his eye on these boys and they better be careful.

I love cooking together with you. We have so much fun in the kitchen. I think you are going to be a great baker when you grow up. You have to make sure to bring me some sweets every time you come over when I am old.

I am so excited for you to try out roller coasters the next time we go to Disney. You said you are going to be brave and I know you will. It’s ok if you don’t like them though. I am sure Mommy won’t mind if you hang out with her and wait.

I love you so so much. I am so proud of the little girl you are. You pray for the sick and homeless every night. You have such a compassionate heart for others. And I know you have so much love for your family. Never, Ever Change. And I know you say you want to stay little forever, and although that’s not possible you will ALWAYS be my Princess.


Here are the past letters Zach has written Britt:

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