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Britt's 5th Birthday Letter {From Daddy}

Friday, January 20, 2017

Every year Zach and I each write a letter to our children around their birthday and I post them here along with all the solo pics of that child with each parent :) I love looking back on these letters and know they will be something our kids all will cherish! Here's Zach's for Britt on her 5th Birthday!


            As I sit and write this I am astonished at how you have grown in just a year. I am so proud of you. You continue to impress me with how fast you are learning at school and at home. You have become such a great helper around the house. You are asking if you can help all the time. Sometimes it may take a little longer to get the task done with your help, but it is great for you to have that servant heart.  You and Tess have become very close friends. She follows you around and imitates everything you do. She wants to play with all your toys, not hers.  She really looks up to you and I know that you will be a great example for her now and in the future.            

You are such a girly girl. Sometimes you try and do things like Kye, but most of the time you are all girl. Hopefully when you read this you will be better at doing your makeup, and maybe don’t use the all-glitter kind. I love how you tell me you will always be my princess and I hope you remember that when you get older. I can always count on you to cuddle by the fire with me on cold days. You always cheer me up with a big smile and hug when I get home from work. You just got to move up to your big girl room. It was a lot of work but it made me happy when you were so excited when you saw it.

There is one concern that I have. I think that I am going to have my hands full in the future. You are a beautiful little girl, and I will have to scare off a lot of boys. Luckily, I think you brother will probably help with that. It is a little sad to think about you growing up. I wish you could stay five years old forever. I wish that you could cuddle with me by the fire on every cold morning. I wish that you could welcome me home every day for the rest of my life. Unfortunately that will change. You will grow up and have a family of your own. Just know that your daddy cherished every smile, every laugh, and every hug and kiss.

You have an amazing smile and you brighten up the day of every person you see. I hope that you do that for the rest of your life.  Thank you for loving me, and thank you for being my princess forever.

Love you,


Here are the past letters Zach has written Britt:


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