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BFBN Day: Conquer Your Toddler's Irrational Fears and Managing Fears at Bedtime

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Today is our third day of Babywise Friendly Blog Network week and we're all sharing about fears!

Christine is talking today about 3 powerful ways to conquer your toddler's irrational fears. At some point all toddlers will have fears and knowing HOW to help them makes those times easier and will limit the length that those fears last.

Be sure to read her full post here!

Carrie, from Wiley Adventures, is also posting today and she's helping mama's manage bedtime fears. 

My FAVORITE tip she shares in today's post is to replace the fear. This is something I'm pretty hardcore with my kids...I also do this myself. If I'm afraid I will calm myself by thinking about future travel plans we have. Thinking about something I'm looking forward too helps me better fall to sleep rather than focusing on my worries. Same applies to kids! Give them some topics to think on (my favorite is to tell them that the next day I want to hear 3 things they are excited for that weekend etc) and it really helps!

And don't forget to check in with all the Babywise Friendly Bloggers this week!!!

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