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Tess's 3rd Birthday Letter {From Daddy}

Wednesday, August 30, 2017


I am so excited that you are turning 3. You are the coolest 3 year old ever. You have changed so much over the past year. Although you still look exactly like your mom. People are always stopping your mother and I, to tell us how cute you are. Duh, we think you are cute, but it's nice when other people do as well. :)

I love the relationship you have with your siblings. You are always trying to be like Britt. You follow her around and copy what she does. You look up to Kye a lot already. You can tell you really love him. He is always calling you his sweet Tessie, and you are always giving him hugs and kisses. You are most definitely a mama's girl. Don’t get me wrong, you love me too, but you are all about your mama. You will not let me tuck you in if she is home. You will not even let me hold you when you are upset if Mama is around.

I do feel like you and I formed a special bond at the beach this year. It was really the first time you would cuddle with me first and wanted to play with me more than Mommy. I am not sure why, maybe the salt in the air, but it was so sweet and made that trip that much more special to me!

I love your sweet smile and laugh. I love the way you say “love you daddy” in the your sweet little voice. I also think it is funny how you push me out of the bed every night so that mommy can tuck you in. You literally put your feet on the back of the bed and try and push me on the floor. One day when you are older you will realize how funny that is. You are a tiny little 3 year old that weighs 30 pounds, and I a 6’ 5” 230 man. Quite a sight to see.  The main thing I want you to know when you read this, is how much joy you bring to our family. And how loved you are. God has blessed us with so many things and you are at the top of that list.



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