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Tess's 2nd Birthday Letter {From Daddy}

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

I LOVE taking the time to go through all of the pics of the birthday child from their previous year. It's so neat to see how they change and grow and so fun to look back at old memories. I especially love finding all the solo pics of the birthday boy/girl to use for their letters from Mommy and Daddy! I try to make sure throughout the year to capture plenty of solo moments specifically with this purpose in mind :) 

Here is Tess's 2nd Birthday Letter from Daddy:


         First, I want to start by saying you are an amazing child. You bring so much joy to our family. I love watching Kye and Britt play with you. You can tell they love you so much. Earlier, in your second year of life, you were all about Kye. Lately though, you have been following Britt around and copying everything she is doing. It is so adorable watching you copy her. When she is not home you will sneak into her room, open up her drawers, and try on all her accessories. I love the coy smile that’s on your face when me and your mother catch you trying it on. You will be in a hat with gloves on and 9 necklaces. You are in a really big mommy stage right now as well. You have been in that stage for most of your life. That’s ok though, I have been in an Emily stage for almost 13 years. 

You and your mother are so much alike it is unbelievable. You may change when you get older, but right now you are like twins. Your baby pictures (you will see a ton of them if you read the blog) look exactly like her. Even though you are all about her you do favor me on occasions.  One thing is when I get you to repeat me when I say “I……., Love……., Daddieeeeeeeeee”. For some reason you won’t do it for your mother. Another thing you will do is greet me when I get home from work or out of town. You will hear the door chime and most of the time you will be the first to greet me. I will hear your little footsteps and your sweet voice yelling “daddieee, daddieee, daddiee”. That moment is usually the highlight of my day.

You are the smallest child at your age that we have had. But, oh my goodness you are the toughest. Your big brother and sister will knock you down or fall on you and you will not let it phase you at all. I don’t know how many times you have hit your head and Emily and I will rush over and you are just fine and don’t shed a tear. I don’t think it will be too long before your brother and sister are scared of you.

I could devote an entire paragraph to your smile. It is so infectious. It can make the worst day seem not so bad. If I have had a long day at work and see that smile the troubles seem to melt. I hope that smile never changes.

I am so excited to see what year 3 brings. I know you have such a bright future ahead of you. I wish you could stay little forever. I wish I could hear you yelling my name when I come home forever. I wish I could sing “never grow up” to you forever. I know these things will fade as you get older. I will hold onto these as long as possible. Just know that your Daddy loves you more than you could ever imagine and I will always cherish how much joy you bring to me and our family. 


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