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Summer Recap: Week 12

Thursday, August 31, 2017

This is Kye's and Britt's last weekly summer recap...Tess lucked out and didn't start until an entire week after they did! This post covers from Saturday July 29th through Friday August 4th! Saturday was alllll about Tess's birthday party! You can see the decor here and party fun here!  Back in the beginning of July while we were in St Augustine I had the idea of going to the beach with some girl friends for a day trip. I haven't done that since college and haven't done it with ANY of my current friends! It was a great idea...that just wasn't meant to be haha.  First we'd planned to go the weekend Casey had Cam so we moved it and decided to go the day after Tess's party. Like literally 6 people were at some point invited or planned to come but then morning of I wasn't sure if it was going to be another Disney Solo Day for me or not haha! Luckily Keeli was able to still go and we decided it'd still be fun just the two of us
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