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10 Months Waiting

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Tomorrow is the LAST DAY to order shirts! I'll probably post one last reminder tomorrow as well. As I know a lot of people are probably like I am and may want reminding ;) It's been so thoughtful and kind to see the people who have purchased shirts (and hoodies!) to support our adoption. We truly appreciate it so very much! If you'd like to order your shirts you can do so here: Be sure to check out all the available styles and colors! Britt is rocking a youth small... And Z is wearing the long sleeve t :)  This post is a summary of our 10th month into the adoption process. It covers the time period from January 13th - February 28th. You can go back and read all of the posts related to our adoption on our Adoption Page here :)  Thanks to Lemon Treehouse for the adorable "in waiting" cards! Things Learned and Accomplished This Month: This month was all about making decisions on agencie

1st Disney Solo Trip!

Monday, February 27, 2017

I grew up enjoying Disney. My birth place is about 45 min away from the parks and I visited as a young girl decently often. My love for Disney though has grown more and more in adulthood. I have found the more "tough times" I face, the more I appreciate the magic Disney provides. It's a place of pure joy. A place where all the realities of life fade away for a bit. It's become my happy place and my favorite place. I. Love. It.  When we got Zach's potential MS diagnosis in early November he and I both talked about what we wanted for Christmas. And how this news just changed our views on THINGS. We didn't want a bunch of junk, we wanted experiences. He really wanted quality time with his dad. And I really wanted to go to Disney by myself. Yes. Alone. To Disney. I know, it sounds weird. Especially when you factor in that I'm a) very anxious in public places alone and b) very much an extrovert. BUT I have found over the years that my joy at Disney is
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