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Meet: My Joyful Broken Heart

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Sometimes you meet someone, even for a brief time, and they leave an impact on your heart and in your life. Jules is such a person for me! She's BEYOND inspiring and I'm so thankful she is sharing part of her story here for you all today! Be sure to visit her blog: My Joyful Broken Heart. will get sucked in and unable to stop reading :)  I am often asked for my story, people are intrigued that I am here, at 30, living life as a single, adoptive/foster mom. For me the story is rather simple, I saw a need that I could do something about, so I did. The seed was planted in my soul, after years of watering, it was ready to sprout. My journey has been a long one coming, from a young age adoption was written on my heart. As a child I w ould secretly hope that someone would leave a baby on my doorstep, I was intrigued and inspired by stories of people in third world countries opening their homes to orphans, collecting them from boxes on the streets and ra

Kye Monthly Summary: September

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

This is about Kye's September! I LOVE that Kye has so many themed days at school. Zach always jokes that it's super overkill but it's fun and usually pretty easy to fit each theme. They had homecoming spirit week this month and we did our best to dress up each day! Day 1: Twin Day We didn't know about the dressing up until Friday afternoon and they were supposed to dress up as twins on Monday. This was my only negative experience with dress up days. How in the world can a 2nd grader find a friend to be twins with without advance notice? It felt like something that could EASILY be clicky and leave kids out. Thankfully G-Mama saved the day with the idea to dress like a stuffed animal! Old Man Day! Character Day Kye was ALL about some Mickey Mouse! Britt wanted his autograph ;) This was the best day. It was supposed to be Decade Day. As in like 60's or 80's or whatever...I asked Kye what decade he wanted to dress like a

3 Things You May Not Know About Car Seat Safety

Monday, November 28, 2016

Car seats are vital to keeping our children safe in the car. The tough things is that things are constantly changing...including our kids! Even people who strive to be "on top of" all things car seat safety can miss something along the way. It's important to be vigilant in keeping our children safe while riding in the car...from birth till adulthood let's do all we can to protect them! I've written posts in the past about car seat safety but felt lead to write on this topic again because I've noticed a trend of three things that parents are often not being mindful of when it comes to car seats! As a refresher be sure to read over this post on car seat safety and this one on car seat safety beyond age 2.  Even with all the information I included in the posts above, here are three things you still may not know about car seat safety: 1. Do Not Add ANYTHING To Your Car Seat:  I had a friend post on this recently and it's something that is very,

A Day in the Life of a U.K. {British!} Mummy

Friday, November 25, 2016

Since I started this blog in August 2008 I've always had links to fellow bloggers on my sidebar. I LOVE that my blog may encourage others to also blog and I have always liked that my readers can find new blogs to follow through the links on my blog. I had to recently remove those sidebar links and it makes me sad! I thought it was a good opportunity to start offering up more spots for some guest bloggers though...if you have a blog and would like to guest post here please email me at If I have enough interest I thought I might make it a regular guest feature situation. It's a great way for the people who read my blog to find new blogs and a way for other bloggers to gain new readership :) Today I'm super excited to be featuring a mommy blogger from the UK! I know we all love a good "day in the life" post and it's so neat to read about a day in the life from a mother who lives in another country! Meet Gemma: ***** Hello Jo
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