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Family Fun: August

Monday, October 31, 2016

August was such a busy month! Transitioning from summer to school but still trying to squeeze in as much fun as possible :) We celebrated Zach's birthday  And finished up all our home study paper work I got glasses in 2nd grade. I was watching an episode of Full House about when Stephanie learned that she needed glasses and realized I needed them too haha. True story! Turns out I was pretty much blind. Like my worst fear growing up was that I'd get kidnapped in my sleep and wouldn't have my glasses to see to escape haha.  I was pretty pumped to get lasik when Zach and I were engaged (2006). Well. That didn't go so well ( You can see my post about that experience here ) and I had to have it done again . I've had mega dry eye issues ever sense and have these things in my tear ducts to help produce tears. Overall though I can see pretty decent. Every time I have a baby my vision gets worse though (something I wish I'd known PRIOR to freaking Lasik).
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