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Britt Monthly Summary: July

Friday, September 30, 2016

Just like in Kye's post, pretty much everything about Britt this month was covered in the weekly summary recaps I wrote! I still like to have a monthly post for each kid so I'm doing a little summary of the month for Britt here :) This month was a month of transition for Britt. She struggled some in June with attitude issues and ended up having her first long-term punishment. It's hard to parent poor choices, but it's even harder to parent the heart. Britt was sneaky and told some lies in regards to eating some donuts. It was a HUGE learning opportunity for her and a parenting moment that Zach and I took VERY seriously. We both agreed (after talking to Zach's parents for insight!) that having a long term punishment of missing out on treats for two whole weeks (including two vacations during that time period) would help her understand that being sneaky is sinful and lying is wrong. We don't just want our kids to do right to avoid getting in trouble, we want

Kye Monthly Summary: July

Pretty much everything about Kye this month was covered in the weekly summer recaps! We had a FULL month and Kye is such a blessing turning busy times. He knows how to jump in and help make things run smoother and he is always such a huge helper with his sisters. I love the memories we make together while he's home from school during summer. I miss him so much during the long school days and I'm thankful for all the quality time that summer brings :) Here's the quick highlights from this month: Kye had a BLAST on our beach trip and especially loved the fort! He lost his 2nd tooth in the car :) VBS was a success! We didn't have Kye nap daily, but when we told him to sleep he'd SLEEP! Spending so much time together in summer let's me see Kye's interests in a way I'm not able to as well during school.  He is very quiet and reserved and more "introverted" in many ways. He has such a creative mind and comes up with a

Tess's 2nd Birthday Letter {From Mommy}

Thursday, September 29, 2016

My precious Tessie: Hello to the year of being 2! I know most parents worry about the "terrible 2s" but with you I have no concerns about this year ahead. Anytime I meet a mama who has two kids I always tell her to keep going and have a third because you, my darling, are PURE JOY. I worked so, so hard when I was a mother-of-one and a mother-of-two and I feel like you are the reward for all that dedicated hard work! Since the moment you were born you have just brought such happiness into all of our lives. I was already so thankful for the family we had, but you are the cherry on top of an already delicious sundae :) You are so easy-going and just naturally content. I know it's because you are that third child and you've had to be more flexible. When we ride in the car we still have to constantly say "did we forget Tess?" because you are just so quiet! Even at home you will just sit and take it all in. Whenever it's just you and me I e
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