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Tess is 18 Months Old!

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Tess turned 18 months old on Jan 31st! This is a big deal! I mean we are 6 months away from being two right?!?! SO why not celebrate with pictures of my adorable toddler carrying around a plunger hahahaha. We had some plumbing issues and Tess wanted to help out and she was too cute to stop ;)

As usual I'm using What to Expect the Toddler Years for this post!

At 18 months old Tess is able to do all of the things a toddler her age should be able to do including:
  • use 3 words
  • point to a desired object
She can also do everything that an 18 month old will probably be able to do including:
  • run
  • use a spoon/fork but not exclusively
  • point to 1 body part when asked

Tess can also do all of the things a toddler her age may possibly be able to do including:
  • kick a ball forward
  • follow a 2-step command without gestures
And she can also do almost all the things an 18 month old may even be able to do including:
  • identify 1 picture by naming
I don't think she's yet using 50+ words though? Although she's my only kid that I haven't been obsessive with writing down every word she she might be there, but I feel like she's more at 20-30! 

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