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Family Fun January

Monday, February 29, 2016

Jan was a VERY low-key month for our family. I am a person who likes a full plate. I don't do well if it's too  full but I also don't do well if it's empty either. And Jan was a pretty "empty plate" month which kinda drove me crazy haha. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE the low-key Christmas time we have, but then once Jan hits I'm pretty ready to get to doing something!!! We celebrated Mrs. Charlotte's birthday this month and the whole fam met at Wooden Nickel for an early dinner one afternoon. It's always a crazy time with all these cousins!  Mrs. Charlotte wore the "frozen Charlotte" necklace we got her from Savannah ...I LOVE IT! One afternoon I was in our bedroom on the floor doing my God time and I heard a LOUD sound. I ran outside and saw that a tree had fallen right by our house. Zach said it was a good thing I was doing my prayer time because if the tree had fallen the other way it would have come through on me an
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