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Casey's Bday Beach Trip!

Monday, November 30, 2015

It's a well known fact that Casey LOVES her birthday. This year though? It'll be a tough one to top. We had an epic family party for her , she got to celebrate her legit bday at Disney , and then  Keeli surprised her with a weekend away to the beach the following weekend! (Not to mention the following weekend she went to the beach again  with Jordan's fam and the weekend after that we had a girl's trip to Disney! Whew! Birthday MONTH!) Keeli and Casey have been friends for awhile now and I've always liked Keeli when we've hung out. It surprised me when she called and told me her plans to surprise Casey and invited me to go along! It really meant a LOT to me to be included and was so thoughtful of her and I'm SO thankful I got to go. Casey was SUPER surprised and it was such an awesome weekend and really helped me get to know Keeli better and I'm truly so thankful for her friendship!  Moms on a getaway trip: stop at Zaxby's and still ord

Banana Jacks ~ AKA The "I Can't Even" Dinner

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

I have talked up a restaurant called Banana Jacks a good bit on this blog. We visited for the first time back in Sept of 2013 (here)  then we loved it so much we took the entire Parker crew back in April of 2014 (here).   I've also recommend it to a TON of blog readers as well as real life friends who visit the Orlando area. It's always been an affordable pizza/games/play place type deal and we've really loved it. Those praises end NOW. Zach and Jordan really love competition and enjoyed playing the basketball game at Banana Jacks in the past (the first time we visited Jordan and Casey went on another night than we did and loved it too). Since it's always been a fun place to go, we planned to all go together on our last night of the trip! Who doesn't love some pizza and some fun games, right? Right when we walked in we could tell the vibe was different. I'm not saying it was ever  fancy by any means...but it just seemed dark and creepy to a point
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