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Mother's Day 2015

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

This year was the BEST Mother's Day yet! It was such a great weekend and I truly felt so loved, appreciated, and spoiled! We make Mother's Day and Father's Day a pretty big deal around here. We both are so thankful for our roles as parents and want to show our appreciation to each other for all we do for our family. We also want our kids to always appreciate us as well as their spouses someday too!  We celebrated my Mother's Day on the Saturday prior to the legit Mother's Day. I woke up to a tasty pancake breakfast (my husband makes THE BOMB pancakes btw). Randomly they were also green? I'm not sure why that decision was made haha. But he must have just been in a silly mood because my pancakes also had "HM" letters on them to stand for "Happy Mother's Day." Classic Zach ;) While Tess napped the big kids and I cuddled up in the bed and watched the movie of my choice (Toy Story 3. Kye is SO over the Toy Story phase but Zach an
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