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Weaning from Finger Sucking

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

When I had Kye I offered him a paci before he was even 14 days old. I was a true first time mom. I knew nothing  about parenting and was totally and completely guessing my way through every decision I made. He quickly became attached to the pacifier and was a "paci baby." It was a sleep prop for him and I had a hardcore love/hate relationship with the thing. However, when it came time to wean from the pacifier, it was a smooth transition for us. ( Weaning from the Pacifier ) Even though I knew I'd handle the pacifier differently with future children, I still planned to use them as I did not  want a finger sucker. Then Britt came along. I introduced the pacifier with her at times when Babywise recommends it (as a tool for sleep training rather than a prop). She just didn't take to it very well. She would suck it super super hard and it'd leave a big mark on her face and she'd spit it out. As soon as she weaned from swaddling, her fingers went in her mouth.

A Day In The Life: March 2015

Monday, April 27, 2015

I've seen several other bloggers over the years do a "day in the life" type post. I've never done one before but thought that now would be a good time to start! I know my days are pretty crazy a lot of the time now and I also know this phase will pass. Someday when my days are long again I may enjoy looking back and remembering when I was busy every second of the day ;) When I did this I didn't think much of it but already so much has changed in my daily routine just in the 5-6 weeks since I did my "day in the life!" I had decided to do this post but kept forgetting to do it. I'd remember like mid-day when it was already too late. Finally one morning I thought of it when I first woke up. So here we go :) Just for reference it was March 17th! I am a snooze button hitter (drives Zach nuts) so my alarm goes off at 6:10 and I hit snooze once then finally get up at 6:20 to start my day. I used to roll out of bed much later but have made it a goal this
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