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Southern Snow

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

I love the location of our neighborhood. It's a perfect blend of feeling like you're in the country but still being close to the important things like gas stations and walmart ;) I grew up outside of Atlanta and don't remember ever seeing cotton fields? We have a TON of them around here and it's one of the things that really turned me into a "southern girl." I just love the way the cotton looks! It's so pretty and it's really awesome to see the changes of the seasons by what crops are being planted in the areas around where we live. Kye LOVES cotton. Every year when it starts to grow he talks about how we need to make sure to go to the cotton field. This year I legit made it to the cotton the day  before the ended up clearing the field! Whew! Made it just in time :) Tess was perfectly content the whole time the big kids were choosing their cotton! The kids get to take a piece of cotton home...and I get to get some pictu

Carter's 6 Month Pictures

It is still so crazy for me to believe that Carter is six months old . I always think back to Casey and I being in Memphis together and us talking about getting pregnant. Now both of our babies are here, healthy, and are developing their own little personalties. God is just so good!!! Carter turned 6 months old on December 4th and I met up with Casey and Jordan to get a few pics of him for them. I took pics at the hospital when he was born and took some of him for his newborn photos. I love being able to bless my family with photos! I'm so passionate about having lots of pics of my kids and am so glad Casey is the same way :) I love doing it for them and can't wait for his 1 year pics!  Here are a few of my favorites! It's CRAZY because Carter was always a "Mr. Serious" baby and more recently he's become a constantly  smiley baby! It's only been a few weeks since I took these pics and already he's changed so much. He has a TON more hair now

Together Time is My Favorite Time

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

As my recent posts have reflected: last October/early November was a hard time for me personally. It was crummy timing to be so down since it was during my 30th birthday! I'm so, so thankful though that my experience with PPD was very short-lived. I'm thankful I sought help. Thankful I blogged about my feelings . Thankful for alllll the prayers that were lifted up for me! It really did seem like a switch was flipped and I just instantly felt back to myself. Literally a dark cloud just vanished! ( You can see more of my coping tips here ) Looking back at that time now seem like such a blur and it's hard to believe I ever felt the way I did. I know it could have gotten much worse and could have lasted much longer so I truly am just grateful! When I went to my dr and officially got the "postpartum depression diagnosis" one of the first things I did was cancel plans I had for that upcoming weekend. We did a super super fun bonfire night  for my 29th birthday and
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