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Summary of Week 13

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Tess's 13th week of life was from Thursday Oct 23rd through Wednesday October 29th. She was 12 weeks old during this week.  Nursing:  Bottle was a BIG issue on our beach trip. She simply refused. We realized she'd drink just enough to be satisfied (like 2 oz) and then quit. It was very, very difficult and frustrating for me. But it also forced me to figure out how to nurse her in situations where I typically wouldn't. I nursed her on the beach and in the car this week with ease! I am not anti-nursing in's just not something I'm personally comfortable doing so for me to do these things was a big deal!  I am SO THANKFUL for my blog! I'm always glad to hear when it helps others...but I'm especially excited when it's helpful for me  and this week it really was. With the bottle issues I went back and realized that BOTH Kye and Britt struggled with the bottle at this age! I think it must be a common thing? Of course they didn't straigh

Pumpkin Patch 2014

Thursday, November 27, 2014

This year we were pretty late going to the pumpkin patch! Zach had been traveling for work and we went to the beach so we literally went and got a pumpkin 4 days before Halloween! At least this year it didn't rot ;)  With Tess's bottle issues we decided to go to the pumpkin patch before her 5:00 feeding. We parked in the parking lot and let the big kids sit on the floor of the van and watch a short letter factory movie while I nursed Tess in the car. Then we hopped out, got our pumpkins, and got back in time for her next nap! It all went really well and everyone was in a good mood for the pumpkin fun :) For our family we pick out one BIG pumpkin to carve and then let each child have a tiny pumpkin to keep in their rooms.  So thankful someone offered to take a family photo for us!!! Small pumpkins :) The patch we go to has some games set up which the kids enjoy so we tried not to rush them too much and let them have some fun!

The Rest of Our Beach Trip

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

When we decided to book a beach getaway Zach was pretty hardcore about us staying for three nights. I suggested just staying two and I'm SO glad he insisted on the three. With three kids it's tough to travel and it was nice having two full days of vacation rather than just one full day! On our last full day Zach stayed back with Tess during nap and the big kids and I went to the REAL Bagel World :) I enjoyed going to the one by the hotel but had to go back to visit the real deal. When Zach and I got married we had an entire weekend event and one of the events we had was actually at Bagel World :) Great memories! I used to ride bikes with my friends to go eat there all the time. I LOVE that it hasn't changed AT ALL over the years!!!  Kye got a breakfast bagel! The owner of the place is always super awesome. He hooks people up  constantly. I can't remember ever going there and not leaving with free food. He spoiled the kids and gave them a whole basket
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