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Zach Bday Trip: Day 2

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Day 2 of our trip kicked off with celebrating Tess being 1 month old :) Having her birthday on the 31st of the month means we don't get to have her true monthly change every month!  Kye wanted to clean up for us so he swept while I was nursing! He also helped in my attempt to get Tess's first monthly pics (post to come) Carter was trying to show Tess how a smile is done ;) Once Tess was down for her nap I took the big kids down to the pool for a little bit while Zach was getting ready for his birthday celebrating for the day: the water park! He and Jordan had a BLAST last year together at the water park so we decided to make that part of his gift this year as well. Since the park didn't open until 10 we had a little time where he could sit at the condo with Tess and I could go play with the big kids for a bit! The resort had a really cool splash pad area! It was awesome having a huge pool all to ourselves! We found a cool ball
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