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B-day at MK!

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

I LOVE to start and end a trip with Magic Kingdom. To most people, myself included, Magic Kingdom IS Disney. I think it's the best way to start a trip because it fulfills that magical Disney desire we all want to feel! I like to also go back to Magic Kingdom the last day of our trip. It's the best park and the place where we will most likely have things we want to ride again. Plus it's great to leave Disney with that magical feeling that only Magic Kingdom can give :)  This trip was supposed to be rain. Constant rain. And cold. Lots of cold. Instead we had three flawlessly beautiful days at the park and on the last day the weatherman caught up to us! It was cold and supposed to rain a lot. So I wanted to make sure to get a picture of our family together before we left! Just in case it never happened again that day :)  I was pretty excited about Britt and I matching haha. She had this dress for her Christmas dress back in 2012 and she wore it for Kye's birthday
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