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Prayers for Katie Adams

Monday, February 10, 2014

I love how much my blog has grown over the years. My favorite thing about having a larger readership is that I know I can count on y'all in times of need. I always feel so honored when I am able to help others through this blog and today is another one of those times. 

I went to school with both Samantha and Lee Adams and have been so saddened to hear the news about their daughter, Katie. While I have not stayed in touch with Sam or Lee since high school, I wanted to ask all of you to lift them up in prayer. A good friend of theirs wrote Katie's story to share with all of you:

The Beautiful Adams Family
On March 8, 2011 a beautiful, loving little girl was born to Samantha, Lee and big sister Hailey Adams.  Katie Lee aka Katie Bug grew into one of the happiest little girls you would have ever met, rarely meeting a stranger, with a smile that would melt your heart.  On February 3, 2014 that smile was dampened some by a fever.  Not a particularly high fever and after a visit to the doctor they decided it was probably a virus and they would just watch it. 

The next day it was noticed that that Katie was having trouble moving her neck.  Concerned that it might be spinal meningitis, Samantha took her to Children’s Hospital of Atlanta, Scottish Rite.  After the test for spinal meningitis came back negative, the doctors ordered a CT scan of her neck for precaution.  In what I can only be an act of God watching over our sweet Katie, the CT technician scanned slightly higher into her head than was normal.  It was this ‘error’ that allowed doctors to see a tumor growing in Katie’s brain right at the base of her skull near the spinal cord, partially blocking the spinal fluid passage.  
Everything moved rapidly from there.  They immediately put a drain in Katie’s head so the spinal fluid wouldn’t build up to much pressure inside her skull.  The next morning an MRI showed that Katie actually had 4 tumors, 1 large one and 3 smaller ones.  The day after that Katie went into an 8 hour surgery to remove the large tumor.  The surgery was a success and the doctors are confident they removed all traces of the large tumor.  The 3 smaller tumors remain and will need to be treated. 
When the doctor’s came out of the surgery they commented on how she is such a strong willed little girl.  She is a fighter!  The surgery was successful and within 24 hours she was moved from the PICU to a regular room.   

Katie remains in Children’s recovering from her brain surgery.  She is verbalizing her wishes and is moving around on her own, both which are very good signs.  The next few days will be a waiting game, while they wait for her to recover from the surgery and for the final diagnosis.  They have been told to expect at least 6-12 months of chemotherapy to treat the other tumors and they found out this morning that they will be spending at least 10 more days in the hospital until they can go home. I am confident with our continued support and prayers that God will continue to watch over this little girl and bring her infectious smile back to us all soon!

The last 5 days have been a parent’s worst nightmare, but if you speak to either of Katie’s parents, both Samantha and Lee will focus on how blessed they feel.  The support has been overwhelming and humbling to both of them.  Lee said to me just the other night how he doesn’t ask the question ‘why us’, ‘why her’ because that isn’t what is important, but that their story has touched so many lives and changed their own by reminding them what is important.  -Kelly Tullis
My heart goes out to the entire Adams family. I cannot fathom going through this process and no parent wants to even have to imagine it. Please keep Katie in your prayers, along with her parents (Samantha and Lee) and especially her older sister, Hailey. As my children are right around the same ages as theirs I look at Kye and know how difficult something like this would be for him to deal with if Britt were to face such a diagnosis. 

There has been a Facebook page set up as a place to spread the word about Katie and her story and encourage others to lift the family in prayer. It is updated often and is a wonderful resource to know how to specifically pray for them along this journey: Pray for Katie Adams Facebook Page

Aflac is most known for their Cancer insurance policies and Zach sells quite a bit of them and knows a good bit about Cancer and the costs. Y'all...this family needs our help! Not only in our prayers but also in our ability to give financially for them. Cancer is expensive. On top of that Sam and Lee don't need to be worried about anything right now other than being there for Katie, Hailey and each other. Bills are going to start to pile up. Work will be missed. Meals will be needed. On top of all the medical costs, the living costs are going to be high as well.

A fund has been set up to help the family during this time and I encourage you to give as you feel in your heart to do so. I was blown away by the funds raised to help Austin's family and it truly blessed them so much during such a painful time. I hope we are able to bless the Lee family in a similar way! As you all know, every little bit helps!!! You can donate here:  Fund for Katie Adams and Family

I also heard that a Meal Train will be set up to get meals to the family, once I have that information I will add it here as well! 

I am so thankful to each of you who have lifted my family and myself up in prayer so many times over the years. I'm honored to be able to ask for prayer from so many amazing people. I personally believe in the power of it and have seen it work in my own life. Please continue to keep this special family in your prayers!

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