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Spending Smart: Groceries Once A Month!

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

I know some of yall have been waiting on this post for awhile! Years ago I read somewhere that it's best for your budget to only grocery shop once a month. I guess you're less likely to do impulse buying? For whatever the reason, I decided to try to grocery shop for our family one time a month. For years I've been doing this but just recently I got serious about it. In the past I would do one BIG trip a month but then Zach or I would still run out to get more of the fresh stuff like milk, fruit, etc. Now that we are very focused on spending smart , I've gotten a solid routine down and truly do only do one grocery shopping trip each month! Being able to do one big grocery trip takes a bit of planning. I like to do my shopping around the first of each month. Since I am such a planner I typically already know of special things we will to take to events, meals we plan to cook for others, times we will be traveling, etc. This allows me to do meal plann

Britt is 18 Months Old!

Britt turned 18 months old on June 6th. She may only be 18 months old, but she seems so much older to me! Maybe it's the whole second child thing? She likes to keep up with her brother for sure! This month Britt has started making the craziest facial expressions. She probably gets it from me as I can't hide my emotions at all . My face always gives me away! I thought I'd include some of her faces for this months post! As usual I'm using What to Expect the Toddler Years  to see where Britt is in comparison to the "norm" for her age! At 18 months old Britt is able to do all of the things a toddler her age should be able to do  including: use 3 words point to a desired object She can also do everything that an 18 month old will probably be able to do  including: run use a spoon/fork but not exclusively point to 1 body part when asked Britt can also do all of the things a toddler her age may possibly be able to do  including: kick a

Britt Summary of Month 18

Britt's 18th month of life was from May 6th until June 5th. Here's everything she had going on that month: Vocabulary:  As I mentioned before, each month I'm only posting about the NEW words she says. This month was another burst of talking for sure! So fun to hear her sweet voice use so many new words! Britt added these new words to her list this month: tent (is what she calls a blanket...probably bc they make so many "tents" using the blankets!), tickle tickle (she ASKS to be tickled and will say this when she's "tickling" us), oops, cat, up, Kye, Courtney, Colt, Boo boo, door, go go go (from the song the kids love "Go Get 'Em Girl"), my daddy, phone, nite nite, car, pool, apple, cup, Casey (although I hadn't heard her say it at this point so I didn't believe it yet haha), grapes, cat, highway (she calls her toy guitar a "highway" because she and Kye always sing "life is a highway" when they play w
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