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The Impossible Task of Sibling Photos

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Prior to having two kids I really enjoyed taking pictures of Kye. One kid. Not too difficult. I could handle the task pretty much on my own. I'd put him where I wanted him, call out his name, shake a toy, make a funny noise, and snap the picture. 

Now I have two kids.  I think it's totally important to have pictures of them each alone as often as possible. Someday they will grow up and will want old photos for their senior yearbook, their wedding day, to show their kids. And they won't want ALL their pictures from their childhood to be with their siblings. So I still take a lot of pictures of them solo and it's still pretty easy. Kye is a PRO at it and smiles on cue. Heck whenever we do anything fun he actually pauses and waits for me to take a picture ;) Britt is at that wild age where it's hard to slow her down enough to snap a picture and good luck getting her to actually sit still AND look at you AND smile! But when I'm trying to get pics of her alone it's still not too, too hard. 

Pictures of them both together, though? Pretty much impossible. I know I want four kids (at least!) so I know my days of sibling photos are just beginning. And I know they will only be getting more complicated and more headache inducing in the future. Here is how it typically goes when I attempt sibling photos:

Kye: "Come here sweet girl!"
Kye attempting to "help"
The choke/tickle move
The picture before she starts crying and we give up
Trying again...he's adorable, she's off and running
More of that wonderful preschooler helping
At least she's looking?
His eyes closed but she's looking
He looks cute, she's looking away
Change of location and Britt is already over it and just wants to be held
Kye also looks like he's getting uncomfortable

Trying standing instead? Maybe she'll stand still?
He's cute, she's trying to climb up the chair
Best one yet but of course the camera doesn't focus enough and it's blurry
You can't see her "little sister" shirt but at least they are both smiling?
Do YOU have any tricks for getting those cute sibling shots??? I know as Britt gets older, it will get easier...but by then we'll probably have another kid to be worried about!!! I'd LOVE some fresh ideas to help me out :)


  1. We very rarely get a good one, even now that Bo is 2.5. I can finally get him to look and smile, but for both of them to be looking and smiling....very rare. I've found that if someone else is taking the picture and I'm the entertainer, it works better.

  2. I was cracking up throughout this post because I soooooo feel ya! I've pretty much given up on trying to take photos of my 2 together by myself. If daddy is home, they will look and laugh at him, so we do okay. Without anyone else but me, practically impossible!

  3. I love all the blooper pictures!!

  4. Hahha!! These are hilarious!! At least they're "real life".... ;)

  5. There is no hope. I have no idea how you have so many pictures of yall as a family- it seriously gives me anxiety THINKING about taking a family picture.


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