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Carousel Fun

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

I know it feels like it's been awhile...but back to our St Augustine vacation! After our attempt at boat pics we put Britt down for a nap then when she woke up we headed to Subway to grab us lunch. Then we went to the playground! It's SUPER close to our hotel and it's such a great spot for a picnic lunch. Lots of shade, picnic tables, etc. Plus, duh, we LOVE the carousel! Only $1 a ride which isn't too bad. And this year they were blasting DISNEY music so I was pretty much in Heaven ;)

Z and I decided to spend $4. We each took a turn riding with both kids at once. It worked out great and really, I would have paid more to keep riding! Too bad we didn't have more cash :)

 Britt's first carousel ride!

 Britt kept licking the pole...Zach's face is so funny
 And he looks like a mega creeper in these haha
 Especially this one ;)
 Kye loved it! And he sat all by himself!
 Great shot!
 My turn

 Brittlynn is OBSESSED with my jewelry...she was too distracted by it to get a picture

 I'm not sure what was going on but our facial expressions are pretty awesome
 Not happy to have to get off
 Swing time!
 Kye did not want to use the "big boy" swing but Britt needed the baby one...

 Girl has some amazing lips!

 He got over it quickly and liked practicing swinging himself
 Kick and pull and kick and pull
 Here's a video of the kids swinging!

 Daddy took over pushing duties b/c I was waaay too tied up with taking pics ;)
 Seriously THE tallest swing set we've ever seen!

 Going so high!

 Kye was really into going HIGH in the I was semi-nervous about him flying out

 Zach is 6'6" and Kye was HIGHER than Zach's arms could reach...
people were even walking by and commenting on how HIGH Kye was going...
 That's why Britt and I moved to another swing set...I didn't want to watch anymore ;)
 We had a little time for the playground before heading back for naps!
 Zach and Kye enjoyed whispering to each other through this thing

 Whispering...or get it ;)

 Brittlynn sliding...SHOCKER...not a fan...
 A successful lunch break at the park!
Here's my blog post from our carousel fun last year and from 2010 (I forgot how much I adore those pics of Kye dancing in the rain!)!

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