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Attempt at Boat Pictures...

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Our hotel is located next to a marina so there are TONS of boats and last year we got some super cute pictures down by the water. We planned to take some again this didn't go so amazing. Kye was sleepy (two days of no naps...) and we were tired as well (I still had Kye had the night terrors the night prior so we didn't get much sleep). We also had a packing communication error so Zach opted to take the pictures rather than be in any of them as he didn't have something to wear. Oh's our attempts!!!

laughing or decide!

Probably my favorite from the morning :)
Doesn't this totally belong on one of those awkward family photo sites???

He was the happiest when he got to hold his sister, so sweet!

Made me nervous!!!

Walking with swagger...duh
first piggy back ride!
I know I always say this...but Kye has his Daddy's EXACT walk!
We headed back to the room for Brittlynn's morning nap. We let Kye rest and try to get some rest ourselves while Britt slept before we headed to the park for lunch!

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