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Kye Monthly Summary ~ June

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Here's Kye's summary from June! Yes, it's starting off the same way May's did ...with pics of Kye painting haha! I didn't even plan for that! Artist: Kye is still VERY into art. While I'm not looking forward for him to go back to school...I think he will be excited to have a wider variety of art projects to work on than the same old stuff I can offer ;) He did this painting for my dad for Father's Day!  He narrated the whole painting for me...I remember the blue line on the bottom was water...and the red cloud at the top was the sun bleeding ... I thought a little throw back picture would be fun! This is ME painting on my childhood easel! It was taken in Feb of 1986 so I was only 15 months old. Um my mom was daring to be allowing me to paint at such a young age!!! I doubt I was painting anything bleeding ...  He has also enjoyed the chalkboard side of the easel this month  I LOVE the way he draws people :)  I did invest
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