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Prayers Needed

Thursday, June 30, 2011

I know everyone has their own personal beliefs and opinions regarding prayer. I, however, believe that God's Word is the truth and it says in James 5:16 "Therefore confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective ." My heart is so heavy for so many people right now and it's easy to feel helpless when others are hurting. This blog is getting an average of about 800 views a day, that's a LOT of people and while I know many of you may not pray, I'm hoping that at least some of you will. Prayer is powerful and asking for prayers for these people in need is a way that I feel I can help them. * The Green Family: Many of you that read my blog also read Katie's. You can read all about her sweet third baby from her own blog entry about their situation here . Please lift this family up in prayer. Her example is SO amazing and I'm beyond impressed with their unwavering

What I'm Lovin' Wednesday!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I'm not going to lie...this has been a VERY emotional, stressful, scary, difficult week. It's time like these that I'm thankful for Jaime at This Kind of Love for hosting What I Love Wednesday! I NEED to "find the good" (like I talked about yesterday ) and this forces me to do just that :) Thanks Jaime!!! I'm loving the strength and faith of those around me who are facing sadness right now. Each and every one of them has turned towards the Lord during their pain when so many people would turn away from him. All of these special people in my life are such wonderful examples to me of how we ALL should handle times of crisis. I pray that when I am faced with hardships in life that I can follow the example each of you are leaving for me. Thank you for sharing your stories and for allowing me to be part of the powerful group of prayer! Prayer is so strong and I know it makes a difference. Maybe it can't change every situation, but it can bring all of those

Our 4th Wedding Anniversary

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

In an effort to push past my negative emotions , I'm moving on to something happier. Also just for those of you keeping track - all the pictures featured in blog entries from Yellow River Game Ranch to the one with Kye's cute faces were edited in Adobe Lightroom . I'm back to using Picasa now, but I'd love any insight you may have...did you prefer the Lightroom ones or the Picasas?  Anyway... Every year for our wedding anniversary Zach and I plan a vacation. It's convenient that we got married on Memorial Day weekend because that means our anniversary typically falls during that time and it's already a long weekend :) This year with Bermuda and Chelsi's Wedding we opted to not go away together. I was pretty bummed because I really do love travel (shocker???). However we got back from the beach the morning of our anniversary (Sat May 28th) and dropped Kye off at my mom's house. We had the whole afternoon and night to spend together and it was nice q

Something Good

I remember hearing adults say that childhood is precious because it's a time of innocence and joy before adulthood arrives and makes people jaded and hard. I feel like I've entered that adulthood age of realization that life is not all roses and rainbows. That pain is all around us. That the devil has ownership over so much of this world in which we live. Right now I'm really struggling. I feel like everyday , everywhere I turn I keep hearing more heartbreaking news. My prayers are overflowing with families in need. It seems like every family I know has been struck with recent tragedy in some form or another - miscarriages, unborn babies with health scares, new babies with health problems, babies who almost die, babies who do die, mommies with scary health conditions, older children diagnosed with difficult health problems. The list goes on, and on, and on . As a pregnant woman myself, I simply cannot handle it. I know that the devil is using these hard times to get to

16 Weeks Pregnant

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Sorry it's a day late - we were at the beach yesterday so I wasn't able to post my weekly pregnancy update, but I did it the moment we got home :) Baby Growth: Blitzen is the size of an avocado and is measuring 4 1/2 inches from head to butt and weighing 3 1/2 oz. Here's what he or she looks like right now! Belly Picture: We were at the beach with Seth and Crissy so Seth was sweet enough to take some pictures for me (I'm so proud of myself for remembering to pack my weekly stickers !) My Symptoms: I have been headache free for over a WEEK!!! I'm so pumped!!! Stacy's recommendation to drink a little caffeine has REALLY helped. I try to drink one glass of a caffeine drink a day (which is tricky for me b/c I don't really like any of them) and it's kept my headaches at bay. YAY! Still having a lot of energy, of course not at the moment because we were up so late with Seth and Crissy at the beach ;) Totally worth being tired though! Du

A Few Faces

Friday, June 24, 2011

While at the beach and at our dinner Friday night we were waiting a pretty long time for the check so I took the opportunity to capture some shots of Kye. When boredom strikes, whip out a camera right? I thought these were too cute to decide between so I made a little mini-post with them :) I cannot get over how OLD my child looks!!! I just want to KISS him in this one!

The Rest of our Beach Trip

Thursday, June 23, 2011

I've mentioned before how much I LOVE name your own price on and, yet again, they didn't disappoint. We got a GREAT room at a Hampton Inn on the beach for only $90 a night on Memorial Day can't beat that! Enjoying our room Since Kye no longer sleeps in a crib (I PROMISE a lonnnnng overdue post on transitioning to the big boy bed is coming, I just want to get back on track chronologically first!) he also no longer sleeps in a pack and play when we travel. Waaaaaaay back when we bought Kye's nursery furniture (99% of you don't remember that so you can read about it here ) they threw in a free Peapod tent . We thought it was mega cool but literally never used it. Until now. I was researching ideas for places for toddlers to sleep when traveling and it kept popping up! Turns out it's a toddler travel bed!!! I was nervous to use it so we also bought a kid sized air mattress for travel and we've used both. We like the tent the be
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