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The Next Tiger

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

For those of you who don't know us husband is one of those people who is annoyingly good at sports. As in ANY sport. Yes, he was a very good football player but he is also very good at basketball, baseball, skiing, golf, tennis, putt-putt,volleyball and even bowling. If there is a ball involved then Zach is hardcore! Even though I REFUSE to put any pressure on Kye to be an athlete, there is a pretty good chance he'll enjoy some type of sport the way his dad always has (notice I say "DAD" and not "dad and MOM"). If I had my choice of what sport he'd play (again, I know I don't have a's 100% up to KYE) I'd pick golf. I have seen how hard it's been for Zach to stop playing football and with golf you never HAVE to stop. Men golf until they are like 100 years old! I like that it's an intellectual game and that it's something he can play forever.

For his birthday we bought him a set of toddler golf clubs and they've basically just sat in the garage until the past couple of weeks. Since Kye's started walking a little bit he's been enjoying golfing with Daddy in the front yard! It's really cute how much he enjoys it and how badly he wants to hit the ball into the little cubby. I think for Father's Day Zach may go on a legit golf outing with him as I think they'd both enjoy that!

I loved walking outside and catching Kye playing with his golf clubs while watching Daddy swinging his golf club in the yard. Too cute to see my guys in action :) Here's a sneak peak video at this kids mad skills!
such a good coach
wore out

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