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Where Is Stacy???

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

So after blogging, Zach walked in and I busted out crying. We decided to break the rules and go to Jacksonville for the weekend...I mean it's only an hour and a half away! After he left again I started looking up some cheap hotels and woosh...felt a bunch of leakage.

I stood up to go to the bathroom and it was a TON more. Ran in there and took off my pants and it went through my undies (completely soaked) and my jeans. It was clear so I was pretty sure it was my water breaking!

I called Zach and he came back home and smelled it and said it's odorless. I called the dr. just to check and while waiting for the call back I felt a lot more contracting. Nothing where I'm doubled over in pain but enough where it does hurt. OF COURSE Stacy is gone...and something I didn't think about when she left was that I may NEED her.

When the dr. called me back she said I needed to go to the hospital. That is NOT my plan lady!!! I told her Stacy said I can stay home as long as it's clear but she said I need to go so they can monitor everything. Sorry, I'm not going. Instead we're going to pack everything left to pack, I'm going to shower and look my best, and we're going to clean the house. Then we'll see.

The contractions are getting pretty intense...but if 2 hours ago I was only 1 cm I DOUBT I'm more than 3 or 4 right now! I'll post again if I can :) If not, keep us and Clover in your prayers and I'll blog as soon as I can when I get home!!! At least it's finally happening :)


  1. Wow are so close to meeting that precious baby! I will be thinking about you and waiting anxiously for some posts and pictures!

  2. Oh wow, not too much longer for you and Zach. I'll be praying for you!

    --Ashley Troutman

  3. I'm so happy for you Emily! I know you are so happy to meet your baby and not be pregnant! I will say a prayer for you and the safe delivery of Clover (this will be the last time I get to call it that!).

  4. I'll keep you in my prayers! Good luck hun!-Amanda

  5. BA-BY BA-BY BA-BY!!!! COME ON!!! WE all want to meet you!

  6. Glad to hear that the baby is finally here! I would love to see pictures whenever you get a chance to post them!
    Maybe we will get to see yall at Britt's wedding in a month! :)
    Bethany Ulmer


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