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ohhhh nooooo

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

So I was just checking my facebook and scratching the side of my stomach when I felt something wrong...and so I looked down and I don't believe it...I really don't....STRETCH MARKS!!!!
I'm a HUGE HUGE Cocoa Butter user (and have always been since high school) so HOW DID THIS HAPPEN? ALREADY??? I'm hyperventilating. It will probably only be getting worse from here won't it? Maybe they are just more noticeable b/c I'm pretty tan right now...maybe they will go away after the baby. They could go away right? right? My poor poor body will NEVER be the same :(


  1. Keep using your cocoa butter, take a few deep breaths, drink plenty of water...try to think of them as sweet reminders from God about the precious baby you're bringing into this world. You're beautiful, & no one will ever even know they're there! :) Love you~ DR

  2. Use Vitaman E Oil I promise promise promise it works!


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