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Good News All Around!!!

We just got home a little while ago from our 10 week dr appointment! It went WONDERFUL and really there were so many great things that happened! First, we got to hear our baby's heartbeat...the lady said it's very strong which is so great to hear! Then we got to SEE our baby!!! I have to say though that the gooey stuff they put on your stomach is NOT cold like I was expecting haha it was actually borderline hot! Anyway when the image came up on the screen I was shocked. Since I'm not very far along I expected it to be a little black blob and for us not to be able to make out anything. Instead our baby has 4 limbs that we could even see little fingers and toes! We could see the rapid heartbeat in "its" chest and could watch it do quite a bit of tumbling! That little thing moved like crazy...did somersaults and flips and everything! The lady, Lindsey Hayes is her name so ask for her if you use Southern OBGYN b/c she was awesome, said that being active is such a

A Baby Bump! Yay!

On Saturday I officially became 10 weeks pregnant! I figured that this week would be like every other week and that I'd just be sleepy, boobs would hurt, and I wouldn't really notice any other changes. Well I was WRONG! I think God is really just taking care of my I-don't-feel-pregnant worries by allowing me to feel aches in my legs and feet and by changing my morning while trying to get ready for church on Sunday! I woke up like usual and planned on wearing something that matched white shoes since I won't be able to wear them after Labor Day (stupid southern rules...). I pull on a J.Crew shirt I JUST bought a couple months ago and it HUGGED my tummy!!! I wanted so badly to wake up Zach and show him b/c I was so excited (but I didn't). I put on my bella band and everything and nothing would cover the bump! I ended up wearing a babydoll shirt with a tank under it so it wasn't as noticable but I don't think I have enough babydoll kind of shirts to hide i

Housewarming Party!

Back in May we stepped up in the world! We loved our first home together, it was a great location for school and a great "starter" home but it was NOT in a good neighborhood AT ALL! We both knew we wanted to start a family soon and thought it was time to move to the next-step-up home. We found a great house in a new, SAFE, neighborhood called Grove Pointe and moved in! We have spent the last 3 months making the house into our home. We painted almost every room, Zach built a fence and a storage shed, and we bought all new furniture and everything! Finally it is finished!!! So we invited the whole church as well as our close friends and family to stop by on Saturday to see our home :) I spent a ton on food and sooo much time getting the whole place ready to be shown. My feet and legs hurt so badly from all the work and of course the day of it was total DOWNPOUR outside. We still had an okay turn out considering the weather (30 or so people) and it really meant a l

Rain Rain GO AWAY!

Friday, August 22, 2008

It has been raining like CRAZY here due to Fay. I think we are just starting to see what will be headed our way this next week. Luckily today I spent the whole day inside preparing for our housewarming party tomorrow, yes I said tomorrow . I am so nervous that it will be too stormy for anyone to show up and we spent about $200 on food and the whole day preparing it! I do think that after all my freaking out yesterday worried about not having symptoms that God made sure I KNOW I'm pregnant today! I was in the kitchen for about 5 straight hours cooking things for tomorrow and my feet hurt worse than spending an entire day walking through NYC! And also my calf muscles are so tight!!! Strange huh? But being so tired from something I'd do normally when preparing for a gathering like this really helps me to realize there IS a baby in there!!! Right now our backyard is flooded and I hope it doesn't get into our new storage shed. Zach's beautiful yard work is ruined c


Thursday, August 21, 2008

I have known that I'm pregnant for over a month now and you'd think I would be used to the idea by now...but I'm not! It STILL does not feel like it is really happening to me and it bothers me. It makes me worried about my baby because shouldn't I already be feeling like a mom? Shouldn't I realize that there is a baby inside of me? Of course when I think about it I'm excited! I can't wait to hold our baby and to see what he or she looks like. But usually I'm not thinking about it. When Zach and I went to our first dr. visit we both asked her if we are for sure pregnant! Neither of us can believe it and it hasn't sunken in yet STILL. I have to remind myself often that I am actually pregnant. When I doubt it I say "the dr. said you are" and "you still haven't gotten your period so it's legit" to myself! haha. I think a lot of my feelings of it not being real will be fixed on Tuesday when we get to hear the heartbeat and


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Ashley bought Twilight after hearing that it was awesome from Natalie...and she let me read it first! I finished it today and I TOTALLY get why so many people are obsessed with's so awesome and so well written. Lovely Bones is still my favorite but this comes in a close second. Of course I quickly fell in love with Edward Cullen! I'm not one for romance novels but this was such an amazing one. Both Edward and Bella have so many one-liners and their sarcastic personalities and crazzzy tension should be interesting to watch when the movie comes to theaters...I'm a little worried about the casting of the characters as they look NOTHING like I had pictured in my mind. But then it is a book and descriping someone as "perfect" is hard to live up to. I have ordered the next two in the saga and can't wait for the movie to open in November! Hurry and read the book so you will be caught up for the movie! Zach is sick of hearing me talk about it and make

Physco Chick

Monday, August 18, 2008

One of the first things I did when I found out I was pregnant was read Belly Laughs by Jenny McCarthy. It was sooo good and I loved her honest humor about this whole experience! Well something she mentioned in the book was that she turned into "Physco Chick" sometimes while pregnant. I think one of the stories she told was that she was drinking a ton of tea since it's supposed to be good for you and her husband tells her that it is loaded with caffeine. She freaks out worried she's hurt the baby and goes NUTS on him! I had my FIRST Physco Chick experience yesterday.... We were running late and Zach wouldn't let me go by myself where we were going and just meet me there once he was ready so I went the most nuts I've ever gone...I was saying really mean things, throwing stuff, opened the door while he was driving (he was coming to a stop and I had my seatbelt on so don't go calling defax on me just yet...). At one point Zach pretty much breaks

Week Eight Summary!

This past week has been pretty crazy! On Monday we met up to eat at Katie's house for Monday Night Meals (which I think we are changing to Tuesday nights!) She made Ceasar Burgers which are basically Ceasar Salad mixed with Hamburgers. They were sooo good and Zach has not shut-up about them since! It's funny b/c I am NEVER hungry (I thought you were always supposed to be starving when pregnant? well not me, I have to force myself to eat) yet when we go to Katie's I always scarf down :) I think the baby knows she is the greatest cook ever already! We spent the night playing Guesstures and we told Seth and Crissy our news! I was so excited to tell them because they are already parents and I knew they would be so excited! Of course they were and I can't wait to hear all of Crissy's tips...Since Stevie was born in March and ours is due in March I went through Crissy's pregnancy timeline to kind of see what I will look like each step of the way! This pictu

Catching up on the last 8 weeks!

OUR LIFE OVER THE PAST 8 WEEKS I got off "the pill" in March and start taking prenatal vitamins. We start officially trying in May (on our anniversary trip to Cancun!) but don't have any luck...thankfully we have better luck in June :) June 28th: We make a baby! Have a fun day of working on our home then go on a date to Longhorn's and to see the movie "What Happens in Vegas!" July 14th: After being a few days late for "that time of the month" we buy a pregnancy test the night of the 13th after Brandon and Chrissy leave from a visit. (Zach doesn't want to buy one because they are so expensive so I have to beg!) I get up early having to go to the bathroom so I use the test and see 2 lines! I run into the bedroom and wake Zach up yelling "I'm pregnant! I'm pregnant!" He jumps up and hugs me saying over and over how he just can't believe it! We of course take another one just to make sure and YUP we are officially going to be
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