1900 Park Fare {Dinner Nov 2016}

Originally when I booked Britt’s BBB visit I had reservations for us at Rainforest Cafe for dinner. I knew Tess would enjoy the animals and figured it was the best bet for dinner at Disney Springs. Then I got to thinking about how dressed up Britt would be and how it wasn’t very princessy at Rainforest Cafe and how we don’t really love the food there. I asked a couple Disney FB groups and everyone agreed: switch the reservation. Zach even agreed that it would be better to spend a little more money to eat at 1900 Park Fare. We ate there for my 30th birthday and both LOVED it! It was the perfect location for Britt to be all dressed in her princess attire PLUS Christmas at the Grand Floridian is a must-see!

I was pretty pumped when I was able to pick up the late reservation for our entire crew and we arrived at The Grand Floridian about an hour before our scheduled dinner time. We figured it was worth going early to see if we could get in earlier and just to have time to walk around and soak in the atmosphere!

The kids LOVED the gingerbread house! Finding all the hidden Mickeys were a BLAST!

Checking out the views!

I loved the idea of some princess pics on this beautiful staircase. Other guests loved it too because we had quite the little crowd gathered of people oooohing and awing over her. We even had some people come up to us later and ask if we were the family taking pics on the stairs because they loved the idea! #trendsetter 

I love that Disney plays classic shows on all the tvs in their lobbies. It was the perfect spot for the kids to wait while we waited to be called for dinner

This little dress has gotten worn a good plenty of times! Britt wore it for Christmas pics, for Kye’s firetruck party and to Epcot on her first Disney visit. Love sister hand-me-downs πŸ™‚

We actually had always planned to eat at 1900 Park Fare on this trip…but our reservations were for breakfast the next morning haha. I had wanted Britt to get to meet Mary Poppins! But doing it for dinner is VERY different than breakfast. The food at dinner is buffet but they have excellent choices and Zach loves the meat they offer. I actually only ate a salad at dinner that night because I was too busy visiting characters πŸ˜‰ The characters for dinner are Cinderella, Prince Charming, Lady Tremaine and the step sisters (Anastasia and Druzella) and they were all FABULOUS! 

I love the joy on Britt’s face in every single picture. Have I mentioned that BBB was totally money well spent?!?!

Tess would rather have rolls than boys πŸ˜‰

We met a LOT of characters this trip but this Cinderella wins as among the TOP characters we met. She was PHENOMENAL. Tess’s favorite movie leading up to our trip was Cinderella. For some reason she’s really drawn to Cindy and has been for several months. I’m SO thankful that this was one of her first character experiences. Cinderella did not disappoint. She got right down with Tess and really talked with her and made her feel so comfortable. Tess responded so well to her and it was just precious. It was one of those magical moments for me on this trip. Tess wasn’t feeling well (we realized she had a temp while at Britt’s BBB experience) but meeting her favorite princess brightened her up a bit πŸ™‚

They spent a LOT of time together. I have no clue what they were talking about but I just loved watching Tess soak it all in!

I’m totally freaking out in this video about the whole thing haha

This. Heart. Melted. 

She was so sad to wave bye to her!

A big thing about dinner at Park Fare is that you HAVE to pay attention. Lady Tramaine and the step sisters say ALL kinds of hilarious things under the breaths. When Zach and I were kidless it was awesome to listen to the things they’d say to children. None of it is overly rude or distasteful, it’s all in good fun and is just super funny if you’re able to pay attention. Of course with three kids it’s a bit tough to catch all the quick wittedness. 

They poked fun at Britt a good bit about being an older sister and the birthday girl and how she should use Tess to her advantage and how she should have everything her way since she’s older and it was her birthday. 

You will notice throughout our character meeting that we tried not to force Tess into anything. If she didn’t want to meet someone, then who cares? Especially with her not feeling well for a good bit of our trip! The beauty of having three kids is that no matter who is upset or not feeling it, at least one of the others will be πŸ˜‰ Lucky for us Kye and Britt are both SUPER into characters!



They have this speciality at Park Fare called strawberry soup. I tried it and liked it!

Our waitress was super sweet and brought cupcakes for all three kids in honor of the birthday girl!

Completely on her own Britt went over to Zach and said “Daddy I will always be your little princess”

That’s when his heart melted πŸ˜‰ 

They used to have an alternative entrance where you’d get photos taken prior to entering the restaurant. Now they switched things around and the photo opportunity is when you leave. I prefer this as most people just skipped it and it meant very short lines both times we ate there πŸ˜‰ Of course we had to get a pic with the glass slipper!

My forever prince!

We had our turn and went to leave and Kye was upset because he’d wanted to get a photo with me and the glass slipper. How precious is that?!?! Thankfully the others in line didn’t mind us scooting back in real quick to snap one together. He’s my other forever princes for sure πŸ˜‰

We had a FABULOUS start to our trip! I was EXTREMELY upset that Tess was sick. BUT I couldn’t let it take over or rule our plans. I’m thankful Tess is one of our more easy going children as we just did meds and kept on rolling for the week. While I HATE that any of us had to be sick while at Disney and I especially HATE that it was during Tess’s first visit…it could have been worse. She didn’t have anything dr worthy. Kye had to walk everywhere we went so if he’d been the sick one it would have been struggle city. And she’s the youngest and really won’t remember feeling sick as the others would have. It affected her the least probably out of all of us. I was super thankful we kicked things off with the BBB and dinner the way we did. Britt felt SO special (you can tell she was milking  the princess vibe in all the pics!) and she loved the entire experience! If you ever do BBB I totally recommend an afternoon reservation at Disney Springs followed by 1900 Park Fare for dinner! I can see us doing this exact schedule again in the future! 

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