17 Weeks Pregnant

While I should be packing for the beach, for Atlanta, or cleaning for my family’s visit…I know that this post each week comes first on my priority list right? 😉

Baby Growth: Poor Blitzen always being compared to food! This week he or she weighs about the same amount as a turnip…5 ounces. He or she is 5 inches long from head to butt and Blitzen can move joints, is developing sweat glands, and developing a thicker umbilical cord.

Belly Picture: Not only are the little stickers I use cute, but I really like how they are a reminder for me to how far along I am! It’s tough to keep all of this junk straight!!! I look mega rough in these…but my eyes are very puffy from so many shed tears this week. See how much I love you Blitzen? I’m willing to put up unflattering pictures of myself just to keep on track with this whole thing!

My Symptoms: Well, my no headache streak ended on Monday. Boo! I have had a headache everyday this week and my tylenol/caffeine thing didn’t help so much. I know they were stress headaches mixed with crying headaches mixed with lack of sleep headaches…so they weren’t the unbearable migraine types I was getting before.

Sunday was my first hormonal pregnancy day. EVERYTHING upset me (and that was prior to any of the drama from this week!). I felt like crying and I just felt mad at the world. Luckily, I knew it was pregnancy hormones so I didn’t go off on anyone or do something nutso. I just baked myself some cocoa-no-bakes and pigged out on those!

My eyes seem dryer than normal and that’s odd seeing as I just had a lug put in one of each of my tear drains so help my extreme dry eyes. I read that pregnancy in the 2nd trimester can cause dry eyes so that must be it!

I haven’t had many vivid dreams lately (I did have one at the beach with Seth and Crissy where I told off EVERY person who ever made me mad…it felt good to do that b/c I’m typically the type of person that never calls people out even if they totally deserve it.) but I did read that it’s super normal for pregnant women to have vivid dreams – especially ones about animals, hooking up with random people, and cheating husbands. I’ve only had dreams that included one of the three topics…I’ll let you guess which one haha.

Weight: I haven’t weighed myself in 2 weeks and this week I gained one more pound so I’m still -1 lb overall from the start of my pregnancy. I feel pretty good about this! Even after pigging out at the beach with Seth and Crissy and indulging in the cocoa-no-bake fest I didn’t gain much!

Gender: Kye is on a “brother” kick so maybe he’s right 🙂 I had him test out the boy’s name we’re considering and it sounds so cute when he says it (I also threw in a TON of other names to mix him up so no one will be able to quiz him and get an answer – he liked the name Bob the best haha). I asked him if he likes the girl name we have picked out and he said a firm “no.” 

Maternity Clothes: Getting closer…I’m 100% wearing the bella band now. It’s comfortable and honestly makes me look more pregnant instead of muffin topish. I’m still not big enough for the smallest belly belt size. And I can still button all my pants, just not comfortably. 

Movement: WOW. It’s constant. Very strong. ALL THE TIME. So strong that Zach can even feel it. And so all over the place that I decided to start googling and asking around about twins. I kinda had a little hunch early on that I might be having twins which is funny b/c Zach thought that our first pregnancy. I actually put off decorating Kye’s bedroom just in case because if we did have twins we’d have to move him upstairs (not doing the sharing a room thing!). Once we heard the heartbeat I assumed it meant I was for sure just having one baby b/c, duh, we only heard one heart! However, good ‘ole google informed me that most people don’t know they are pregnant with twins until their first ultrasound. There aren’t really many early symptoms of being pregnant with twins, some people do get more sick than with previous pregnancies and stronger/earlier movement is often a sign. I highly doubt my hunch is right…guess we’ll find out on Tuesday though!!! I honestly just think I’m feeling so much movement b/c God knows how nervous/worried/stressed I am and He’s reminding me to chill out b/c I’m pregnant and that I have a healthy baby growing inside me 🙂

Sleep: Can I have some more please? What I would give for a day to SLEEP IN!!!

Cravings: While I enjoyed the cocoa–no-bakes I realized that sweets just aren’t my comfort food this pregnancy. I got Subway on Tuesday and that made me feel “happier” than the cookies did! Isn’t that funny? I’m sure it’s not to many of you, but I’ve ALWAYS been a sweets person. I’m still eating all the same things (tuna, fake crab, peanut butter, koolaide, milk, cosmic brownies) and haven’t noticed any new cravings. I DO have a craving for a bacon, egg, cheese and peanut butter english muffin but we’re out of bacon so I’ll have to wait until I can go to the store 🙂

What I Miss: I miss my CONFIDENCE that I had during my first pregnancy. I never not ONCE worried if Kye was healthy. Why would I worry? Majority of pregnancies ARE healthy! Duh! This time around I know too many stories, have experienced too many things, and now I am living in fear. It’s not fun 🙁 

Best Pregnancy Moment of the Week: This was a TOUGH week…but there was still good! I’m ENJOYING my baby belly and personally think I look pregnant now all the time. It’s cute to me and not the nasty, gross, I-can’t-wait-to-be-done-with-this look yet! I loved that Zach got to feel Blitzen’s movement and I loved when Kye pointed to my belly and said “the baby’s house!”

Questions/Concerns: I heard from someone that certain intimate things shouldn’t be done while pregnant and I’m wondering if that’s true? Otherwise my main concerns for the appointment Tues are: is this baby healthy and is it just a Blitzen or is there a Blitzen and a Vixen? 😉

Goals for the Week: House will NOT be anywhere NEAR where I wanted it to be when the family comes. All of that junk took a back seat this week and since I’ll only be home for part of one day next week (We get home Tues, have ultrasound, I go get groceries, clean house then leave Wed am for Atlanta get back Friday morning sometime to finish cleaning before family arrives…) it’s not going to get done. Oh well. Seriously, right now I don’t care ONE BIT. So many bigger things are happening around me that matter more than my house being decorated or, heck, even clean. This week my goal is to have FUN. Relax with my family, focus on the positive, and just de-stress. I’m actually hoping I can go facebook/blog/media free for at least one day of the trip – I think I need to stop KNOWING so much ya know?

Notes from Pregnancy #1: It’s funny to look back and me and my friend Kecia meeting up because we were due only a couple weeks apart…and now we’re both pregnant again together! Sadly she doesn’t live around here anymore, but that’s still neat! I wore my first maternity top this week last pregnancy. I also went to the GA Aquarium for the first time on Zach’s Triple Crown Trip (with Aflac). How ironic that I’ll be there again next week 🙂 I was not feeling movement yet, and could just start to feel flutters but nothing strong enough for Zach to feel. I also got my first stretch mark! I haven’t gotten any new ones, thankfully, yet! My idea of parenting was that the baby should fit into our lives and not that we should revolve our lives around the baby. HAHAHAHA. Spoken like a true first time pregnant woman!


  1. Matisha Barajas
    July 1, 2011 / 5:53 pm

    I am way more worried with this pregnancy than I was with my first.  I even asked the doctor if that was normal and she kind of looked at me like I was crazy and said no.  With my first one I was kind of naive to the fact that something could be wrong.  Now I am very aware and worried all the time.  Glad to hear that I am not the only one.

  2. Anna
    July 1, 2011 / 6:15 pm

    Twins… that would be exciting!  Okay… maybe, maybe not.  I think it's great you are able to feel so much movement!

  3. Ashley Troutman
    July 1, 2011 / 7:43 pm

    My cousin's husband is in his 30's and is a twin…his mom didn't know she was having twins until the days she had them!  Their heartbeats were always in sync with each other's…how crazy would that be to work so hard to push a baby out, and then they tell you…"Wait, there's another one still in there!"  haha

  4. Forddygirl
    July 1, 2011 / 7:53 pm

    My Dr said its VERY common to feel a lot more movement with the 2nd pregnancy. And all over the place… b/c your uterus is stretched out and the baby has more room. I would have sworn i might have had twins in there w/ Mack, except that i had ultrasounds weekly starting at week 4-week10 🙂 But i guess tuesday will tell the tale!And i'm sorry about your headaches 🙁 I hope they're gone for good soon!

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