16 Weeks Pregnant!

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Baby Growth: In the next few weeks Leo will double his or her weight and add inches to his or her length! Such an exciting time!!! Right now Leo is about the size of an avocado and is roughly 4.6 inches long and weighs around 3.5 ounces. It’s hard to imagine Leo having enough room…he or she already looks so crowded in there!

Pregnancy Symptoms: I’m starting to feel GOOD!!! Yay! I had a couple small headaches this week, but nothing too major. I also have had a pretty stuffed up nose which is mildly annoying. I wake up feeling congested in the mornings (sometimes even have blood when I blow my nose)…so I’ve started drinking a small glass of OJ before making my meal replacement shake. It really helps me feel cleared up and I love it!

I don’t typically look at myself in the mirror and think “I’m so pretty!” haha Usually I think I look better in pictures than I do in real life moments. However, this week I’m likin’ what I see lookin’ back at me! Maybe it’s the second trimester pregnancy glow kicking in??? But my hair is behaving so well, my skin is all cleared up and has that glow to it, it’s just all workin’ right now and I’m LOVING it. I remember feeling this same way last pregnancy. In fact, I look back at my pictures when I was pregnant with Britt and I LOVED the way I looked. Most people don’t think that about their pregnant selves!!! I’m for sure enjoying this time of self confidence πŸ™‚

Britt is getting to a tough stage. I mean I feel like she’s kinda been tough since 18 months old. But lately it’s been especially tough. It’s HARD for me to be patient. I think I’m shorter tempered right now with my hormones and things. Pregnant Emily don’t play πŸ˜‰ I have never been one to pray for patience but I’ve been having to this week in dealing with her. A couple mornings ago we hadn’t even left for school yet (so we’d all been awake for less than an hour) and I told Zach I was already worn out for the day. Haha! 

I keep reminding myself that when I was pregnant with Britt Kye was a little older than she is now and he went through a SUPER tough time. HUGE fits. I had a day where I literally broke down SOBBING and told Zach (for the first and only time ever) that I thought I needed to get an outside of the home job and find childcare for him. I legit didn’t think I could handle it anymore. I keep reminding myself of that…and I look at Kye and see how wonderful he is now…and I feel better about Britt getting through this stage! We will survive!

I also feel a good bit of anxiety right now. We have a BIG Disney trip coming up (a full week!) and while I’m PUMPED I also have a good bit of things to accomplish before we leave. I also feel very anxious about getting everything DONE around here. I’m hoping this weekend we can really finish up the playroom so we can move on to the next room on the list!

It’s interesting to me that last pregnancy at this point my wedding rings were getting too tight…but this one they are actually too loose right now? Maybe downing more liquids has helped me minimize swelling or something?

Weight: Another week of not gaining! In fact I’m down 4 ounces! I’m still currently at my pre-pregnancy weight! But since it’s a couple pounds over where I’d like to be, I’m saying I’ve gained two pounds total πŸ™‚

Gender: Well now I’m kinda back to thinking girl. My attractiveness is why! Haha! I felt ugly while pregnant with Kye. I look back at the pictures and cringe at how I looked. They say a girl steals your beauty but, in my case, my son stole mine and Britt enhanced it! However, my belly still looks like it did with Kye. So who knows! I can’t wait to get further along and see what all of you are guessing πŸ™‚ It is interesting to me how SO MANY people around me are having boys. I mean like everyone I know who is pregnant and due this summer is having a boy. 

Maternity Clothes: I want my bella band down so I can pack some stuff for Disney that I may need to use it for! I bought several cute things for me to wear at Disney and I’m a tad nervous to try them on and see how they fit now…if they even fit now!

Movement: Decent bit. Nothing insane and not all the time or anything, but I love it every time it happens! I tend to notice it more after dinner. I made Kraft Mac and Cheese the other night and felt a LOT of movement after that which was really funny. Guess Leo likes to grub πŸ˜‰

Sleep: We have a pretty good routine down now where I got to bed earlier than Zach does and am asleep before he comes to bed. It seems to be helping! Now that I’m not as worried about my sleep positioning I think that will help a lot too!

Cravings: I am not super into sweets right now. I am MUCH more able to control what I eat. I’m not overly hungry ever and I feel full pretty quickly. We were in Columbus last Friday night and we all went out to get treats and I didn’t even want a milkshake or anything! I mean that is NOT like me πŸ˜‰ I am enjoying that glass of OJ at breakfast. My biggest craving has been slushies from Target. The orange flavored ones which is SO random! If I do want sweets it tends to be as a snack during nap time and at night I’m more just wanting my glasses of water. I also am still really enjoying apple slices and grapes and am obsessed with my whole wheat eng muffin with peanut butter and honey lunch. YUM.

What I Miss: My brother. I know that’s SO random. But Kye literally just asked me when I was tucking him into nap about my brother. He asked me how old my brother was when he went to Heaven. It was so sad. I told him my brother didn’t die and asked if he remembers him, and he said no. While seeing Kye hurt with the memories he does have of Mom is sad, hearing him say he doesn’t remember my brother made me super sad. So I’m having a sad moment. And that’s okay. Sometimes we gotta be sad for a little bit. My brother is A-Mazing with children and he would be so fun with them now. I miss him.

Best Moments of the Week: Of course hearing Leo’s heartbeat yesterday was AMAZING! 

I was able to go with Zach to Columbus last Friday to see him inducted into the GA South Aflac Hall of Fame and it was an awesome moment. I really wish spouses were invited to this event every year because I LOVE getting to watch Zach be rewarded for all of his hard work. It was also so fun to spend kid-free time with Casey and Jordan! We all shared a hotel room and had a great time. Lots and lots of laughter. I’m blessed!

I knocked out a TON of stuff this week which is a great feeling! I am now registered at the hospital for delivery! I have booked our 4D ultrasound (at a new place that I’m really excited about!), I booked our pregnancy classes at the hospital (we’re doing the CPR, breastfeeding basics, and a sibling class for the kids!). I also scheduled our appointment to get our taxes done and picked up Britt’s birth certificate to get her registered for school. And I found someone to work with me on planning, designing, and making all of the bedding and such for the nursery! Whew πŸ™‚ Busy!

My house is currently clean which feels wonderful! I also am still in a very purging mood. I have been this way for awhile now which is odd to me. Not that I’m a hardcore hoarder or anything…but I tend to pack things away and hold onto things rather than get rid of them. I have started attacking my closet and have gotten quite a bit to donate to Goodwill!

I’m excited for SO many friends who announced their pregnancies this week! I guess we were all gettin’ busy over Nov and Dec this past year because there is a MEGA baby BOOM! I pray for each new baby when I say my prayers and I cannot wait to see all of my friends grow along with me through our time of being pregnant together! 

Questions/Concerns: I got everything answered at my appointment yesterday! I do want to talk to her more about this whole whopping cough thing at my next appointment though. I mean anyone who comes in contact with the baby for the first three months has to have had the shot?!?! I’m not really sure how I will survive three months not taking Leo anywhere?!?!?! 

Goals for the Week: Hoping to get a LOT done around the house this weekend. Want to get down all the baby stuff from the attic to go through it. And I have lots of toys of mine packed away that I want to go through and see what Britt is old enough to play with now! And I need to get maternity stuff down too. And get everything else ready for us to be able to go to Disney and have an AMAZING time πŸ™‚

Belly Pictures: Everyone still says they can’t tell I’m pregnant. I PROMISE it’s because my tummy is evenly distributed across the entire thing rather than all in one spot. You can find my belly stickers here πŸ™‚

 I must be sticking out my belly for these pics b/c Britt TOTALLY called me out and copied me haha!

Notes from Past Pregnancies: You can see my 16 week post from my pregnancy with Britt here. Very similar to this pregnancy with the food cravings. I’d prefer Subway with Salt and Vinegar chips over ice cream ANY DAY! (hint to Zach if you need a last min Vday idea!) 

During this week of my pregnancy with Kye Zach and I had probably our biggest issue ever in our relationship. It is so crazy to think about how far we have come in handling our differences and our growth together in our relationship. Just last night I actually approached Zach to talk to him about something that has been on my heart (nothing to do with him directly) and he was SO amazing. Listened to me, made me feel valued, and even responded with so much openness! It was AWESOME and I truly am so thankful for our many years together. It just keeps getting better!!!

I had gained a total of 7 pounds at this point in my pregnancy with Kye. I was having super bad headaches still and also suffering from the stuffy nose issues. Around this time Zach and I had a BIG debate about the nursery and the baby bedding…remember? It’s hilarious to me now b/c Zach is down for whatever with the nursery and we have had zero issues deciding any of it πŸ™‚


  1. Katie Fowler
    February 15, 2014 / 2:56 am

    Have you tried a humidifier for your stuffy nose? I know south ga never lacks for humidity, but I found that a humidifier really made a difference at night for that stuffiness and little bit of blood. Seeing your updates each weeks makes me anxious to try for baby #2!

  2. ChelleyN
    February 17, 2014 / 3:07 am

    I always have a stuffy nose with pregnancy, too. Probably my least favorite thing about pregnancy is being stopped up for so long! I had TERRIBLE swelling with Brianna, but didn't swell really at all with Bren (rings would have fit the whole time, but I got a weird rash ? on my hand and had to take them off). I think the difference for me was that with Brianna I sat behind a desk alllllll day, but with Bren I was on the GO chasing Bri everywhere. I hydrated the same, but each pregnancy is just so different, ya know? Last thing (for this comment, haha), sorry you miss your brother :(. I have had extremely limited contact – like I've seen him twice in the last 6 years – with my oldest brother (I have two older bros) but I still miss him sometimes. Bri and I actually had a conversation about him the other day, and I got really really sad thinking that she will likely never know him. They would love each other, but unfortunately his choices have prevented that relationship from happening. My kiddos also don't and probably won't have a relationship with his kids . . . their cousins . . . and I grieve that as well. Such a tough situation . . . I feel your pain.

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