15 Months Old!

Here is what Kye has been up to this month in compared with What to Expect the Toddler Years. I love having a reference point to refer to just to see where Kye is compared to the “norm” for his age and see areas I need to make sure to work with him on.

Kye can do all the things a 15 month old “should be able” to do including:

  • walk well
  • bend over and pick up an object
  • use at least one word

*Note: if you are using this as your own personal reference and your 15 month old has not reached these milestones then the book says to consult a doctor or nurse-practitioner in order to do an evaluation.

(I LOVE when he puffs out his chest…so manly)

Kye can do all the things that a 15 month old “will probably” be able to do including:

  • use 2 words (the normal age range for this is by 14 1/2 months old)
  • drink from a cup
  • scribble
  • point to a desired object

Kye can do all the things a 15 month old “may possibly” be able to do including:

  • point to one body part when asked
  • use a spoon/fork, but not exclusively
  • build a tower of 2 cubes

I have not given Kye the opportunity to try the thing mentioned that a 15 month old “may even” be able to do which is to “feed” a doll. We do actually have a doll (remember, we didn’t know what Kye’s sex would be!) so I will see if he will “feed” it this month but I kinda assume he can since he feeds the dogs and other children quite often 🙂

Emotional Development: It says at 15 months, toddlers can be expected to communicate pleasure, warmth, interest in new experiences (Kye will say “whoa” or hold his mouth open in excitement); to play games with parents (Kye LOVES to play chase!); to protest (ugh-hate this one!); to begin to accept limits (he does beautifully with making good choices now and we’re so proud).

It’s INSANE to me to read this chapter and see how much of it is devoted to helping parents whose children still don’t sleep through the night. Seriously? Is this a legit problem at this age for people? Thank the LORD for Crissy showing me Babywise! Kye has been sleeping through the night since 8 weeks old. On those (rare) nights that Kye doesn’t sleep through the night I can’t hardly manage the next day and have to sleep when he sleeps. How in the world could I survive that kind of thing every night?!?!

This chapter also discusses buying a new pet (good to remember when the sad day comes that we’ll need to get a new dog), issues with socializing (something Kye for sure doesn’t have issues with!), communication issues (not talking as much b/c the child is learning a different new skill), and birthmarks (Kye’s little one near his butt is still there and I hope it always will be!). There are also special sections devoted to accentuating the senses and the importance of teaching your child that no one is perfect, including you.

My main goal for this month is to re-establish roomtime. I know how critical and important it is and I have faith in myself to get us back on track with that. I also hope to continue to slowly drop Kye’s morning nap. I don’t want to rush him as I see the value of him getting enough sleep but I do want to continue to make steps in that direction. I also just want to continue to appreciate all the little things with him and to shower my sweet boy with lots of love and kisses!

15 months old toddler milestones and what to expect

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