13 Months Old!

Yup, we’re now in What to Expect the Toddler Years! I love that it follows the same format so nothing big has changed there. This month Kye has been pretty cuddly and loving and fun so I’m using some pictures from our fun play times on our bed or the couch!

This month Kye can do all the things a 13 month old “should be able to do” including:

  • pull up to standing position
  • get into a sitting position
  • cruise
  • clap hands
  • indicate wants in ways other than crying

(admiring Mommy and Daddy’s wedding picture!)

    Kye can also do almost all the things a 13 month old “will probably” and “may possibly” be able to do including:

    • put an object into a container
    • imitate activities
    • stand alone
    • use 1 recognizable word
    • drink from a cup
    • use 2 recognizable words
    • point to a desired objext
    • scribble

     (silly boy will play with ANYTHING!)

      The only thing that 13 month olds “may possibly” be able to do that Kye hasn’t mastered yet is…walking! Not a surprise! He’ll walk someday…you don’t see any 15 year old still crawling 🙂

      Kye can do some of the things that a 13 month old “may even” be able to do including:

      • use a spoon/fork but not exclusively (post to come!)
      • use an object in imitation

      (he loves playing in our bed)

        The things Kye could work on this month from the “may even” be able to do list include:

        • remove an article of clothing (he’s taken off his shirt once with Zach but it’s not the norm for sure!)
        • point to 1 body part when asked (he may be able to do this, need to try it to find out!)

        This book also discusses things beyond the normal milestones and developmental leaps. It has a section on both intellectual and emotional development.

        Intellectual Development: Toddlers are explorers and scientists, picking up, studying, testing, manipulating, maybe still putting in their mouths, everything in their path. Cause and effect is a major focus. They live in the here and now and do not show much imagination or abstract thinking yet.

        Emotional Development: The toddler displays a wide range of moods, feelings and behaviors. Expect them and accept them-they are part of growing up (oh joy!). This range includes displays of affection, independence, frustration, fear, anger, protest, stubbornness, willfulness, sadness, anxiety and puzzlement. More than the intellectual development section this section is SO interesting! I didn’t realize Kye has so many emotions now and it helps me understand him a little better. And it makes me not feel stupid for thinking he seems scared or is being stubborn!

        This chapter discussed a lot of walking issues (bumping into things, falling, strange ways of walking etc) which don’t apply to me yet! It also talked a lot about toddlers exploring and how they get into everything. I chose to follow the Babywise/Toddlerwise principles in this area and NOT allow my child the freedom to do whatever he pleases. He has boundaries which create freedom 🙂 Our discipline methods not only keep him from getting into everything like the “normal” toddler but it also takes care of other issues this chapter discussed such as banging on everything, food throwing, and other table manner issues. I did read a little further into the section about proper shoe fitting as I probably need to check Kye’s shoes and make sure they are still a good fit! Maybe we got lucky and he’s ready for new, bigger, ones haha!  The chapter also went into a lot of detail about helping your toddler talk and form words. I feel like I need help to teach my child to WHISPER in CHURCH! He talks so much and SO loudly that poor Zach spends majority of the services taking him out! I don’t think we need any help in the talking area that’s for sure!

        This month my goals are really to narrow down specifics on his schedule and adapt it to the toddler lifestyle. I also want to get a better grip on properly feeding him to his nutrition needs.

        (cashed haha)

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