10 Weeks Pregnant!

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Next week I should be posting on Friday’s like I’m supposed to πŸ˜‰ With Christmas Break I’m enjoying not waking up early and not getting dressed πŸ˜‰

Baby Growth: This week Leo (yes, it stuck…Leo it is for the nickname this time!) is the size of a kumquat. Have I ever eaten a kumquat? Nope. I actually wouldn’t have known this is what one looked like if I hadn’t googled it to find the image πŸ˜‰ He or she is an inch or so long and weighs less than a quarter of an ounce. I know I read somewhere that at this point in my pregnancy it’s like a 5% chance or less of miscarriage which is SO reassuring to me. The most critical stage of development is now over (which stresses me out a bit b/c I had the dang FLU and was on MEDS during such an important stage…) and Leo has all of his or her vital organs in place (and they are functioning!). 

My Symptoms: Hello afternoon/evening sickness. I TRULY believe the Advocare Meal Replacement Shakes for breakfast are helping me not be sick in the mornings. But by around 4:00 I feel awful and at 11:00 PM is my worst time. I bought some Muscle Gain back when I first was trying to conceive as I heard it’s a great snack for pregnant women. I haven’t tried it yet but I’m thinking if I made a shake from that in the afternoons it’d probably help ease my sickness?

I haven’t been very hungry overall but I will go from feeling super sick to being STARVING. My favorite meal this week were Zach’s famous grilled cheese sandwiches. He made them for me twice πŸ™‚ I also really have been liking Triscuit crackers. And I have had some oj cravings. In Bible Study Sunday morning they had a jug of OJ for us and I was the only one who drank any…and I got refills…and they told me just to take it home with me (so yes, I walked around church carrying a jug of oj haha). 

I also really like those little ice cream sundae cups you can buy at the store? I had them as a kid (they have like swirls of chocolate or strawberry in them?) and used to LOVE them. I bought them for Britt’s party and have been snacking on the leftover ones. They hit the SPOT when I feel like eating πŸ˜‰

This is one of my TMI moments but I have had to go #2 quite often and when I go it’s like TAR. Isn’t that disgusting? We’ve gone through a TON of toilet paper this week. And typically my junk don’t stank but it has been bad enough where Z has mentioned the smell down the hallway hahaha. I also have been starting to get my pregnancy gas. No burping…just the other end. Luckily there haven’t been any complaints about that stinkage…yet πŸ˜‰

My emotions have kicked into overdrive as well this week. I watched the movie UP with the kids and I cried FIVE different times during that movie. I know non-pregnant women who say they cry during it too but FIVE TIMES?!?! It was a bit much. And they were hardcore, big, sad tears. Enough where Kye was concerned about me haha. Overall though I do feel less emotional than I have during past pregnancies. I even had a pretty hard personal day this week and handled it very well emotionally so that’s a good sign!

The biggest symptom I have is being tired. So, so tired. One morning this week I seriously fell asleep on the couch at 8 am while the kids were playing. Zach came in before heading to work and woke me up!!! I ended up letting them watch TWO movies that morning AND they had bowls of snacks. They are LOVING pregnant mom! At least it will help them like Leo more too! haha! 

No matter how much sleep I get I don’t ever feel well rested. It is SO HARD for me to wake up in the mornings. I wake up tired. I fell asleep one day this week on the couch at noon (Zach was home thankfully) and then I stayed sleeping there until 4! Zach said I was laughing in my sleep?!?! 

I am also verrrrry lazy. We are having people over Monday for the BIG game (Go Noles!) and I HAVE TO clean my house. I think I’ve cooked dinner one night in the past three weeks. It’s awful. I do NOT know how working outside the home moms handle this. Heck, I’m dreading when Kye goes back to school next week and I have to get dressed each morning and go places!!!

Towards the end of the week I’ve started getting headaches. Usually Spark/Rehydrate combo helps me out but I think it’s b/c I slacked a little on my water intake. The headache is a good reminder to DRINK WATER! Overall I’m doing waaaaaay better this pregnancy than I ever have with it, but the past couple days I just haven’t done enough!

My back hasn’t bothered me AT ALL this week (yay!) and my boobs still don’t hurt at all? Z said they look bigger but I can’t tell yet. I’m ready for them to get fuller and more perky haha. I do love my chest when nursing!!!

Living it up with movie marathon πŸ˜‰

On a random fun note this week I ordered some Urban Decay makeup! I’ve heard SOOO much about the Naked Palette that I decided to use my Christmas Money on it. I mean a pregnant girl doesn’t need a ton of clothes…so I thought it’d be a fun thing to try out. I’m VERY loyal and have used Mac eyeshadow for literally 10 years. I found some help on Pinterest and have been having fun with it! I also bought the Naked Flush set for bronzer/highlighter/blush and have really liked it so far. I used it all yesterday for the first time so I had Z take a pic to show yall πŸ˜‰ I really liked how it looked today but I didn’t take a pic! Hopefully with more practice it’ll start looking even better!

Weight: Our scale needs new batteries. I fully planned on weighing and seeing where I’m at. But I’m also not that worried about it? Last time I was SUPER worried but this time I know I’m not eating a crazy amount of junk food or anything (heck, I’m barely eating at all) and I feel like my overall lifestyle is MUCH healthier than it has been either pregnancy so I’m not too worried?

Gender: We will know Casey and Jordan’s baby gender next week!!! Yay!!! I’m PUMPED about it! I am kinda feeling so far like this is a girl. Which is wonderful but also STRESSFUL. I have NO girl name. At all. I might actually write a post with my “name rules” and see if yall can help me!!! I know we have plenty of time but I still want to KNOW. We actually have two boys names that we love! I think the BEST thing about Leo is that there is ZERO concern over the sex. Boy? Girl? It literally does not matter. With Kye I wasn’t too worried either way (but Z and I both did want a boy) but with Britt I REAAAALLLLY wanted a girl. This time? I am 100% happy either way as long as he or she is healthy!

Kye says it’s a girl. And he said we need to decorate her room with pink flowers. But that if it does end up being a boy we need to do Lightning McQueen for the room. He also draws pictures of the baby and since we don’t know if it’s a boy or a girl he draws one girl baby and one boy baby just to make sure he covers both scenarios πŸ˜‰

Maternity Clothes: It shocked me to read the pregnancy update for this week and to see that many women are already in maternity clothes at this point? Casey is seven weeks ahead and me and I don’t think she looks like she needs them at all yet!!! I feel totally fine in my regular clothes. Since all I wear is tights/yoga pants/jeggings I have no need for a bella band yet or anything either. I did order some new pj tops with my Christmas money. Whoo hoo haha. I do feel like I’m very bloated though. In a way like I was with Kye’s pregnancy. I hope I’m not as unattractive as I was that time around haha. I would much prefer to look like I did during Britt’s pregnancy!

Movement: Nope! Which at this point with Britt I was already feeling some stuff so it makes me a bit nervous. I know movement feeling is about the position of the baby. Kye was positioned where I couldn’t feel him as much and Britt was positioned where I could feel her more. I hope this baby isn’t like Kye was b/c I LOVED how much I could feel Britt move around in there!!!

Sleep: I loooooove sleep! I’m not really tired at night though? I still fall asleep right away. Still on my stomach. And not using the pregnancy pillow yet! Falling asleep isn’t an issue, but waking up sure as heck is!!!

Cravings: Grilled cheese sandwiches πŸ™‚ Zach even made PANCAKES this week (which are usually my FAV) and I didn’t even eat a whole one! I also crave my meal replacement shakes if I don’t drink it for breakfast. On the pancake day I didn’t drink one and ended up drinking it for lunch b/c I missed it πŸ™‚

What I Miss: Being less tired. Having more energy. My foot not hurting (I mean that would require me to go back like a year and half ago haha). 

Best Moment of the Week: Going to church was so wonderful! I missed three Sundays in a row! One of them was the day after Britt’s party and I was in bbbbbadddd shape. Migraine and mega back pain. Then the next week we were in NYC. And the week after I had the flu! It was WONDERFUL to get to be there and even better to have everyone congratulate us on the news πŸ™‚ 

I LOVE the kids knowing!!! Love, love, love it. We talk about it a lot and I am so excited to see Kye with Leo. Of course I’m excited to see Britt too but I know how a toddler is with a baby because I experienced that with Kye and Britt. I haven’t experienced a preschooler with a baby and I think it’s gonna be awesome! He is using the Leo nickname this time thankfully. “Kaytor” hasn’t been mentioned again! 

I’ve really enjoyed having Zach home so much. He’s been an AMAZING help and has been so wonderful to let me rest and get sleep and to do so much extra around the house and with the kids. He’s awesome, and I’m blessed!!!

Questions/Concerns: My foot is really bothering me. I’m ready to get that handled. I’m nervous with the bigger I get it being more of an issue b/c I’ll be carrying more weight on it. I want to call their office and get the info on the shot he wants to do and take it to my next appt and have Stacy look at it. Maybe it’ll be okay to do during second trimester?

I want to ask about the IV. I HATE getting an IV during childbirth. I know I’ve seen some people say they didn’t have to get one. I’m hoping maybe our hospital changed their policy on it and will let me go without? It’s worth asking!

Goals for This Week: Whew…we have a BIG week planned. Like something going on every night! I HAVE TO get my butt in gear and get this house cleaned! We’re having people over Monday and I’m hosting the Gender Reveal Party for Casey and Jordan on Saturday!!! 

I also need to make myself a hair appointment. And I need to book the kids swim lessons for Feb. Jan is always a month I struggle to get plans set in place! I also want to go up to Atlanta and visit all of my friends asap once I get more energy. I know last pregnancy I waited too long and the solo travel was tough on me so I want to go early enough in pregnancy where I can fully enjoy myself!

I am SO proud to say that I busted out the Bradley Books!!! A couple days ago I had that awesome four hour nap so I couldn’t use being tired as an excuse. I did the elliptical, some arm exercises, and my Bradley exercises!!! Yay! I feel SUPER motivated to do it regularly. I went to Casey’s house last night and showed her how to do them so that counts as two nights this week doing them. PS: My legs were so sore haha

I plan to do a blog post about the Bradley Method. I’ve used it with both of my previous deliveries to have natural childbirths but I’ve never done a blog post about it. It’s a goal to get that written for yall!

Winner: Last week I ran a contest for a FREE set of WEEKLY pregnancy belly stickers!!! Here is the winner! Thanks to Pink Texas Designs for the giveaway and for my cute set!

Sara: Contact me at [email protected] with your address and I will get them sent your way!

Here are my pics for this week! I am for sure not showing at all yet haha. I felt kinda silly doing the pics but I like to have them for comparison as I get bigger!

I have been accused many times from friends and family for putting up unattractive pictures of people. Well guys, here is my payback. This is, hands down, the LEAST attractive photo of me EVER (or at least one of them haha). Zach snapped this when I was going to take off the sticker to move it for the side shot and it’s awful. So this is proof that I’m willing to post ugly photos of myself for the world to see πŸ˜‰

 Much better πŸ˜‰

Past Pregnancies: My week 10 post from Britt is HERE. For sure some similarities to this time but my boobs were so sore and hot and it’s SO odd to me that they feel TOTALLY NORMAL this time!!! I HATE that I didn’t do better with posting Kye’s pregnancy but I did this post around 10 weeks when I really was starting to show HERE. Dang! And I was SO TAN. I’m getting back out my spray tan system TONIGHT πŸ˜‰

If you are just joining me in this pregnancy fun…you can see last weeks post HERE πŸ™‚

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  1. Laura
    January 5, 2014 / 5:17 am

    Congrats on #3! I have a bad knee and with both of my pregnancies the knee pain went away for the 2nd and 3rd trimesters… It was wonderful! Maybe the same might happen with your foot. Something about extra joint lubrication and loosening? Anyway, cross your fingers!

  2. Becca
    January 5, 2014 / 5:30 pm

    Congrats on being pregnant with #3. I've been a shy follower for awhile now after seeing your blog on Chronicles of a Babywise Mom. I'm just a few days ahead of you with #3 too! I also have a boy and a girl. We don't find out the sex either πŸ™‚ It's crazy how similar our pregnancies are right now. It's like you were writing my day out. I've been trying to make myself as active as possible in the morning because like you said after 4 pm I'm done. Once or twice laundry may have been left in the washer over night πŸ™‚ Excited to read all your weekly updates!

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10 Weeks Pregnant

I work with several companies and links to any products within posts are affiliate.

I know! This post should have been up on Friday, but we were in Bermuda πŸ™‚ Valid excuse! I will be posting my 11 week post back on schedule this Friday!

Baby Growth: This week Blitzen is the size of a kumquat. Which I have zero clue what that is! At least its bigger than a quarter now right? πŸ™‚ He or she is a little over an inch long and has now completed the most critical parts of development. I was PUMPED when I got home from Bermuda and saw the little baby widget thing I have on the blog…our  baby looks like a BABY now and not some lumpy alien πŸ™‚ In the next few weeks Blitzen will double in size so I’m excited to see what strange food they compare him or her to then!

My Symptoms: This week has been much easier than last week. Being on vacation probably helped, as did a break from a teething toddler. πŸ˜‰ I realized quickly while on our trip that breakfast REALLY helps me not feel as sick. Our first day there I skipped breakfast (in an effort to save money) and I was so, so sick. All day. The other days I made sure to eat a little something and it helped a lot, so I’m trying to implement that at home. 

I’m not all-day-sick anymore. I’m just all-day-not-hungry. And thinking about eating grosses me out. It’s tough for me to decide what to eat because nothing sounds good then when I do eat I get full (or sick feeling) after a few bites.

The roads in Bermuda were crazy, as were the drivers, and I learned that I am MUCH more prone to motion sickness this pregnancy. I’m always quick to get sick on bumpy roads and such but this is waaaay worse. I never threw up (I simply don’t puke people!) but it affected me BIG TIME through the whole trip. I’m very nervous for our cruise in October, I have a hunch that I’ll spend a lot of it seasick πŸ™

I was going to take a belly pic this week but since it’s not on schedule I’ll try to do one this Friday. I started showing week 10 with Kye (here’s the blog entry about it!) and just compared myself to that picture in the mirror and I do look similar right now. Although I’d say my belly at this point looks more pregnant if that makes sense. 

My boobs are very sore and feel HOT. They are also fuller and I swear they already have milk haha. They feel that full. I’m still able to sleep on my belly though as they are only really tender when I graze them or something and so far a sports bra seems to work fine. I’m also still comfortable in my regular bra, for now. 

Weight: I didn’t weigh myself on Friday (although I heard the scales in our room at the resort were off by 10 lbs so maybe I should have..haha) so I’m not going to weigh myself now. Plus I just had my 10 week check-up this morning at the dr so I’ll fill ya in on the weight in that post!

Gender: Everyone seems to say girl…I honestly feel girl in a way that I didn’t feel with Kye. I have had one dream about the baby. It was a BEAUTIFUL baby boy with almond color eyes and they wouldn’t let me touch him or feed him or anything (probably some fears of mine about this whole delivery mess!). Even though I dreamed it was a boy, I still feel it’s a girl. When I daydream about baby things I always say “her/she” to myself and always think of the girl’s name we picked, etc. I do it subconsciously and with Kye I never had any gender thing like that. Again, I don’t believe myself! I WANT to believe it’s a boy. I try to train myself to think “him/he” and all boy things…I don’t want to have a gut feeling of girl then be wrong. I’d rather have a gut feeling of boy so I’ll be mentally prepared for boy and won’t have any level of disappointment! (A boy WILL be wonderful!!!)

Maternity Clothes: Attic πŸ™‚ It was HILARIOUS on the trip b/c we’d tell ppl that I’m pregnant and they’d immediately look at my stomach and say that I don’t look pregnant. I def. will enjoy those kind of comments for as long as possible! It’s really wonderful this time around how great everything still fits. Last time I was SO bloated that my pants couldn’t even button and I think I was already in a bella band at this point!

Movement: A few flutters, it’s still too early right?

Sleep: I could sleep ALL DAY. I’m super lazy and lethargic. I am always, always tired. Still sleeping on my stomach, for now. And still sleeping great!!!

Cravings: The only thing I want to drink is strawberry flavored kool-aid. Water makes me feel like vomiting. Choc milk is yummy but not plain or strawberry (which is my usual favorite). Still enjoying toast. While on the trip we had a LOT of beef and it was hard for me to eat it. I mostly just picked at my plates and let Zach have the rest. The times we had seafood though I was in HEAVEN. Shrimp. Lobster. Bring it ON! I also drank a TON of hot tea on the trip (it was about the only thing we could eat that was free haha) and I loved it. It was very yummy. All warm drinks are good right now to me! 

What I miss: A clean house. I’ve been putting rest at the TOP of my priority list and it’s frustrating to live in a mess. I’m over it and wanna get it clean…but then I feel sooo tired…it’s tough. But it WILL get tackled!!!

Best Pregnancy Moment of the Week: While in Bermuda I fell asleep laying out and Zach told me later that he saw the baby’s heartbeat in my stomach. When I breathed in or something he said he could see it. I don’t know if that’s actually possible but it made me super happy b/c it was very sweet that Zach was even looking for it ya know? We also discussed baby names to an extent while there…and we think we have what we will call our son down to two choices. We each have a favorite and it’s tough to pick who will get their way!

Questions/Concerns: Got most of my stuff answered this morning, which I’ll post on next, but totally forgot to ask about Kye being allowed at the hospital dangit!!! I’ll have to ask when I go back in June!

I’m still very nervous about having two kids instead of just one, I know I will feel better once I re-read Babywise and I need to make the time to do that. I know I’ll do fine with it all – but I’m a person who struggles with big life changes (even when they are GOOD changes!)

Goals for next week: Get my house clean! Get my What to Expect When You’re Expecting book out of the attic along with my pregnancy journals from Kye. Try to crack open Bradley stuff…

Emily Parker

Hey Y’all, I’m Emily! I’m a stay at home mom and consider parenting to be my passion. Disney is my happiest place and I love making memories as a family together. I’m a big believer in transparency and share all of my real-life moments as a mother of four.

My work has been featured on Today Parenting and Babywise.Life. I’m also honored to be a member of the Babywise Friendly Blog Network.

You can read more about our family on my About Me page. Also be sure to follow along with me on Instagram, FacebookΒ and Pinterest!

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