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Friday, July 31, 2015

Tess's 1st Birthday Slideshow

Today Tess is ONE. Whew. It's hard for me to even say that! We are having a fabulous day celebrating our precious girl.

As always I put together a slideshow for this big event! It has pictures that cover Tess's entire first year of life (at least up until her party this past Saturday!). We are so blessed to have Tess as part of our family and hope you enjoy this slideshow I put together in honor of our baby girl!

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It's crazy to think a year ago we didn't know if we'd have a little boy or little girl! Tess fills our lives with so much joy and I'm so thankful that God blessed us with her!

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Ann Monograms Giveaway!

Back in the day when I could actually become "Facebook Friends" with blog readers (oh the glory days before stalkers and catfishers) I met Ashley. We've never met in person but I know she's a real person ;) Y'all know I have a passion for supporting people who follow their passions and I have been AMAZED at how her monogram business has exploded. She's SO creative and comes up with THE cutest ideas. Plus everything in her shop is totally reasonably priced and she runs all kinds of great sales and discounts and such from time to time too! 

When we paid off our van and it made OURS I really wanted something to represent the big achievement. Something to make it mine. Hello monogram! Ashley sent me a cute, simple pink monogram decal that really fit what I was looking for. I finally got my van washed and applied it recently and love it. Sure I'm still totally a "van mom" but at least I own it ;) 

I also saw on her IG a picture of this ADORABLE pineapple keychain. It was a MUST HAVE moment for me. I like flipped out about it. I'm weirdly obsessed with pineapples. I just really love them. I think they are my "spirit fruit" or something ;) It's seriously the cutest keychain EVER. 

Ashley has all kinds of awesome stuff in her Etsy shop and she even sent me some cute Disney themed decals with the kids names on them. I can't decide where to put them??? I'd love some suggestions? They are so adorable and I want to make sure they get proper attention! 

I've been SO happy with all of my purchases from aNn Monograms that I talked to her about getting together for a fun giveaway! So here's your chance to WIN some FREE goodies from her shop! 

You know you want some monogram in your life ;) So enter to win a $15 credit to spend in her shop! Contest ends at midnight on Aug 6th!

Be sure to follow aNa Monograms on instagram and check out her Etsy Shop for more amazingly fun and creative monograms and personalized gifts! Can't wait to see who wins! And I'd love some input on how to display my cute Disney decals too ;)

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Summer Recap: Week 2

Week two of our summer fun kicked off on the day we got back from Hilton Head (May 25th). That next day Kye started his football camp for the week so it was a busy time for us going back and forth to drop him off and pick him up. He LOVED it and I'm so glad we invested the time and money for it! 

One of the days driving home I about FREAKED OUT when I saw this yellow bug parked in a parking lot. Like I didn't even hesitate. I immediately turned around to pull into the parking lot to look at the car. It was one of those moments where I was just flooded with memories and was so excited. Call me lame, I'll take it :) I haven't seen that car since college and I was over the moon about being reconnected with something that was so special to me! The fact that it was the same year and color and had the same rims was like destiny ;) You can see my beloved bug here!

When I was pregnant last summer with Tess I was a little nervous how this summer would go. Doing the math I knew she'd still be taking two naps a day and I worried about still having fun with the big kids! I'm SO thankful we have a pool as it provides an easy was to have fun! Heck, I don't even have to clean my house and company can come over!

I've been getting to know a new friend, Rachel, better and she lives in our neighborhood (yay! I'm up from like 1 neighborhood friend haha) so she brought her crew over to play one afternoon! Our baby girls are only 10 days apart! 

I am not what I'd consider a "good cook." I cook a lot and I cook a variety of recipes, but I don't have that natural talent, or love, for cooking. I do enjoy finding new recipes though, especially when they are ones my whole family enjoy! I wanted to find some new easy things to throw together when I'm in a rush and we LOVED these chicken pot pie muffins!

Kye having golf camp was a good opportunity for Britt and I to spend quality time together. I have found it difficult to find bonding things for us to do together? I know once she's older we'll enjoy shopping and getting our nails done and such but right now it's just trickier? I feel like it's easier for Zach and Kye to have "guy time" with sports! Anyone else feel that way? What do you do with your daughters? I thought it'd be fun to paint our nails and Britt LOVED it. She got to pick out her colors and she sat SO STILL for the whole thing, even while they dried! 

Like a kid in a candy shop, right?

Now that Britt no longer sucks her fingers we can paint her finger nails too!


My big girl!

Last year we had passes to Wild Adventures (and I was INSANE and went while 39 weeks pregnant hahaha) but didn't buy any this year. I knew with Tess's schedule that we wouldn't get enough use to justify the cost. I also knew that 3 kids solo would be near impossible at the water park! I do plan to buy them again this fall though when they are cheaper as I think we'll enjoy them more next summer when Tess only naps once a day and will be flexible enough to be late/miss nap on occasion as well.  

Since we don't have passes I kept a look out for other fun things we could do this summer. Casey and Jordan are members at the YMCA and they have a great outdoor pool and splash play area. It was pretty expensive to go as guests but I figured it still was much, much cheaper than Wild Adventures passes! 

The kids really had a BLAST and it wasn't too crowded or anything. I felt like it was much more manageable with three than W.A would be as well!

Friday was Kye's last day of football camp. Britt REALLY wanted to do a camp this summer as well. I checked into available camps and not many were offered for her age (3). I think she'd really like gymnastics but the camp they did offer for her age was from 2-4 for a week. 1) it'd be hard to get her there when that's smack dab in the middle of nap time and 2) she'd be a HOT MESS if she missed nap for a solid week! 

I do think it's something we'll look more seriously into next summer, Kye was 4 when he first did golf camp so I don't feel bad having her wait a year. I heard about Friday Frolic that is offered at our local YMCA. It's basically free play with the gymnastics equipment. It cost $8 for Britt since we aren't members but I told her it was "gymnastics camp" and she was THRILLED. Like beyond excited! It was from 10:30-noon so it worked out where I just put Tess down early for nap and took her bottle there and woke her early to get there in time. Luckily Mrs. Charlotte went to watch Kye at football camp so she kept him until we got there after! 

I was not surprised at all that Britt instantly loved all the activities. She was so precious! What did surprise me though was Tess! Child was adorable. I guess I just think of her as "the baby" and don't consider her personality or personal preferences much yet? It shocked me to see her so excited and so happy about it all! She loved it so much that I'm hoping to make it work to take her back on her actual birthday :) 

We ended up having several friends that were there too that day so it was a bonus combo of fun and friends!

Nope, she did not end up jumping. Which who am I kidding...there is NO WAY I would jump either!


Little gymnast!

We didn't have any big plans for the weekend (one of only two weekends the entire summer without plans! Whew!) and Zach and I both felt like it would be a good time to do some dates with the kids. Kye and I had a date night Friday and Zach and Britt had one Saturday. Kye and I hit up our favorite combo: Zaxby's and The Mix! I love spending that quality time with him and know that with big kid school coming this fall that those nights just the two of us will be more and more important!

We also had a big "first" for the week! We've been parents for over 6 years now and it was the first time something of ours got broken. Kye was in the bathroom trying to do his thing and Britt kept pestering him. He was stuck on the toilet and was annoyed that he couldn't have the privacy he wanted (Zach and I were in the kitchen cleaning up dinner) so he shoved her. Not saying he should have shoved her...but I mean c'mon poop time is one time you really do deserve to be alone! Anyway so he pushed her and she fell back into the wall of the bathroom. Her hitting the wall caused our fish to fall. It fell on top of Britt's head then hit the floor where it broke into a few pieces. No one was hurt, well other than the fish, and we didn't get mad at them or punish them or anything, other than explaining to Britt to let people poop in peace and to Kye that pushing is never okay. Thankfully we bought it in St Augustine and had plans to return later in the summer so we just left the spot blank until we could get a replacement!

Kye had such a fun time at football camp that this became a regular site. You have to squint to see it but he is using our upstairs hallway as a path to run and "practice football." He set up Bruce (his football dummy) and would run routes and tackle him :) I know it's a sight Daddy enjoyed seeing! 

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Babywise Blog Network Week {Day 5}

Oops! I dropped the ball yesterday and failed to post this! But we wrapped up the big baby wise blog network topic of sleep yesterday!

We had two awesome bloggers as our spotlights and I want to make sure to give each of them a shout out :)

First up we have Elaine from Faithfully Infertile. Her post is something I strongly agree with. Sleep is so important for our babies and making it a priority, especially during the first year, is a personal goal of mine as well. Read more about prioritizing sleep on her blog!

Next we have Claire from My Devising. She gives a great post on how to drop the morning nap! Dropping the morning nap can be a tricky transition and I love her way of explaining it and tips to make it smoother!

I hope everyone has enjoyed this week and has found some new blogs to follow. Be sure to check in with all the spotlight bloggers from our topic of sleep this week!

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  • Wednesday: Brooke at Apffel a Day
  • Wednesday: Kimberly at Team Cartwright
  • Thursday: Carrie at Wiley Adventures
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  • Friday: Claire at My Devising
  • Friday: Elaine at Faithfully Infertile

  • Friday, July 24, 2015

    Britt School Work ~ Spring 2015

    Britt had a fantastic first year of school! Zach and I are both so very proud of her! She made so many friends and had so much fun. Most importantly she behaved so well and never had a single disciplinary action at school. It was so cute to see her come home with her work every day. She was always very proud and I could see an improvement in her coloring through the year. She learned a lot this year and I know she'll continue to love school this fall!

    At the end of the year her teacher filled out an evaluation and here is how Britt did:

    She pointed to all the correct shapes except when asked to point to a rectangle, she pointed to a triangle.

    When the teacher held up different shapes and asked Britt what shapes they were she answered all correctly except for rectangle she said "door"

    Britt pointed to all the correct colors and answered correctly when showed a color and asked to say which color it was. 

    Britt counted objects all the way up to 10 (which is the highest they asked) and showed all her numbers on her fingers up to 10. 

    She is on target for all her fine motor skills including: holds crayon correctly, colors in lines, follows directions, builds a tower of cubes, strings beads. 

    She is also on target for all of her large motor skills including: runs without falling, walks up steps, kicks ball forward without falling, jumps with both feet off ground, jumps forward, balances on one foot. 

    Britt's teacher wrote this comment "Britt has been a joy to have in class. She has mastered her year-end progress report including holder her crayon correctly. She is incredibly smart and definitely ready for K3 next year. Thank you for sharing your sweet daughter with me." 

    Here is Britt's work from the second half of the school year. As like Kye's we throw away most of it after taking the pictures, some of it we display in the playroom and some we save in a file to pack away! 

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