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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Good News All Around!!!

We just got home a little while ago from our 10 week dr appointment! It went WONDERFUL and really there were so many great things that happened!

First, we got to hear our baby's heartbeat...the lady said it's very strong which is so great to hear! Then we got to SEE our baby!!! I have to say though that the gooey stuff they put on your stomach is NOT cold like I was expecting haha it was actually borderline hot! Anyway when the image came up on the screen I was shocked. Since I'm not very far along I expected it to be a little black blob and for us not to be able to make out anything.

Instead our baby has 4 limbs that we could even see little fingers and toes! We could see the rapid heartbeat in "its" chest and could watch it do quite a bit of tumbling! That little thing moved like crazy...did somersaults and flips and everything! The lady, Lindsey Hayes is her name so ask for her if you use Southern OBGYN b/c she was awesome, said that being active is such a good sign.

This experience made it so much more real for both Zach and I. Seeing OUR baby move and seeing all its limbs just was so awesome! We made that!!! And that's INSIDE me!!! Pretty crazy! A lot of the time it had its little legs crossed but it streched those legs out so long and moved its hand several times to where it looked like it was waving at us :) Our first introduction! So polite already haha.

One bad thing? We saw a looong Zach-like nose! haha! Hopefully it will get smaller as the baby gets bigger!!! Poor thing :)

She said its quite long and is already 5 centimeters, which I'm not good at measurements but Zach said that's about 3 inches! Everything I have read said it would only be about an inch!

Here is my favorite of the 4 printed pictures she gave us (I have spent an hour on the phone with tech support to finally get my scanner working so I could put this up here so I hope it's appreciated haha!). I know it's not very big but no, that long thing near the bottom is not a penis (like Zach hoped) it's a leg and the little blob near the head is the hand! If you see it in person you can make out individual fingers :)

Once we met with the dr we had more good news! We were WRONG on our conception date! We actually concieved on somewhere around June 5th so we actually got pregnant our FIRST time trying and the "period" I had that month was just spotting! Isn't that awesome? Although I don't have some cute conception story for June 5th I think we'll just say we conceived in Cancun on our first Anniversary on the 28th of May or so :) Hey, it's close!
Us being off on our dates means I'm OFFICIALLY 11 weeks 5 days along! Each Thursday will mark the next week rather than Saturday's so only 2 days to go and I'll be 12 weeks!!
Our NEW DUE DATE is March 12th and my dr. said that will stay my due date throughout the rest of the pregnancy :) So our little family will be getting started sooner than we expected :) I can't wait
In other good news the dr. said no one will see our baby after delivery until WE want them to! So once we get cleaned up and after I try nursering our family will be able to come in the delivery room and see him or her for the first time! I was very worried that people would get to see the baby before I was ready for them to because Zach and I both want to be present when everyone finds out the sex and name, it's very important to us to get to share this with people and not have them find out on their own.
Also the dr. said it's totally fine if we want someone in the delivery room with us taking pictures! I can't wait and am hoping Crissy's friend, Autumn will do this for us as I heard she had some awesome ones when her baby was born!
A great day for sure and I feel so much better about everything and am soooo excited for March now!!!!

Monday, August 25, 2008

A Baby Bump! Yay!

On Saturday I officially became 10 weeks pregnant! I figured that this week would be like every other week and that I'd just be sleepy, boobs would hurt, and I wouldn't really notice any other changes. Well I was WRONG!

I think God is really just taking care of my I-don't-feel-pregnant worries by allowing me to feel aches in my legs and feet and by changing my morning while trying to get ready for church on Sunday!

I woke up like usual and planned on wearing something that matched white shoes since I won't be able to wear them after Labor Day (stupid southern rules...). I pull on a J.Crew shirt I JUST bought a couple months ago and it HUGGED my tummy!!!

I wanted so badly to wake up Zach and show him b/c I was so excited (but I didn't). I put on my bella band and everything and nothing would cover the bump! I ended up wearing a babydoll shirt with a tank under it so it wasn't as noticable but I don't think I have enough babydoll kind of shirts to hide it for long :)

Ashley took this picture of me and at the time I swore I wouldn't put it up (and I still refuse to EVER put it on Facebook!) but I am so excited that I don't really care if people see it right now!

And I promise it's not just a chunky's a for sure baby bump b/c it feels tight and everything! Just ask and I'll totally let you feel it! I'm excited that it feels soooo much more real now and can't wait to hear the heartbeat and see our little one-inch long child tomorrow!

Housewarming Party!

Back in May we stepped up in the world! We loved our first home together, it was a great location for school and a great "starter" home but it was NOT in a good neighborhood AT ALL! We both knew we wanted to start a family soon and thought it was time to move to the next-step-up home. We found a great house in a new, SAFE, neighborhood called Grove Pointe and moved in!

We have spent the last 3 months making the house into our home. We painted almost every room, Zach built a fence and a storage shed, and we bought all new furniture and everything!

Finally it is finished!!! So we invited the whole church as well as our close friends and family to stop by on Saturday to see our home :) I spent a ton on food and sooo much time getting the whole place ready to be shown. My feet and legs hurt so badly from all the work and of course the day of it was total DOWNPOUR outside.

We still had an okay turn out considering the weather (30 or so people) and it really meant a lot that those people came since they had a perfectly good excuse for not coming! It was a fun afternoon but we will be eating pigs-in-a-blanket and meatballs for the rest of our lives with all the leftovers we have!!!

Zach with the over 150 pigs-in-a-blanket we have left!!!

We didn't expect gifts as the point of the party was just for people to get to see the house, but we did get several nice things. I told the Parkers that if anyone wanted to get a gift to please get us Target giftcards so we can use them for baby stuff! And they listened!!! So once the baby comes I'll have some money to go buy girl or boy clothes (since YES we will be SURPRISED!)

Mom sent us these funny shirts for the baby! So cute and I already put them with the onesie I got Zach for his birthday! Not many clothes yet but I'm sure it won't stay that way for long!!!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Rain Rain GO AWAY!

It has been raining like CRAZY here due to Fay. I think we are just starting to see what will be headed our way this next week. Luckily today I spent the whole day inside preparing for our housewarming party tomorrow, yes I said tomorrow. I am so nervous that it will be too stormy for anyone to show up and we spent about $200 on food and the whole day preparing it!

I do think that after all my freaking out yesterday worried about not having symptoms that God made sure I KNOW I'm pregnant today! I was in the kitchen for about 5 straight hours cooking things for tomorrow and my feet hurt worse than spending an entire day walking through NYC! And also my calf muscles are so tight!!! Strange huh? But being so tired from something I'd do normally when preparing for a gathering like this really helps me to realize there IS a baby in there!!!

Right now our backyard is flooded and I hope it doesn't get into our new storage shed. Zach's beautiful yard work is ruined covered in leaves! But luckily we haven't had it NEARLY as bad as my family has in Melbourne. This pic is one my cousin took outside of his house!

Luckily both my mom's and grandma's houses are fine. However, not the rest of the family has been as fortunate. My aunt and uncle's screened in porch is a disaster zone, but worst of all Aunt Becky and Lonnie have completely lost their home. It flooded so badly in Palm Bay that they had to evacuate and their house not only has horrible flooding but also the sewage has come into their home through their sinks, toliets and tubs! Can you imagine?

Please keep both Aunt Becky and Lonnie in your prayers as they are working on contacting FEMA in hopes to have a trailer on their property until their home can be repaired. In the meantime my mom, who is a saint, has volunteered for them to stay with her! I know this will be difficult, not because of the adults but because of the dogs! My mom has three of her own and Aunt Becky and Lonnie have three HUGE ones! I'm sure many memories will be made during this time but it is such a blessing to have family isn't it? My mom and Aunt Becky have always been considered the most alike out of the four sisters and I'm sure this time together in close quarters will bring their relationship even closer.

Please please keep everyone affected by Fay in your prayers, but especially Aunt Becky and Lonnie! I really hope their adorable home can be repaired and that their belongings will survive all this mess!

Hope to have a turnout tomorrow at the Housewarming...we'll see...

Thursday, August 21, 2008


I have known that I'm pregnant for over a month now and you'd think I would be used to the idea by now...but I'm not! It STILL does not feel like it is really happening to me and it bothers me. It makes me worried about my baby because shouldn't I already be feeling like a mom? Shouldn't I realize that there is a baby inside of me?

Of course when I think about it I'm excited! I can't wait to hold our baby and to see what he or she looks like. But usually I'm not thinking about it. When Zach and I went to our first dr. visit we both asked her if we are for sure pregnant! Neither of us can believe it and it hasn't sunken in yet STILL. I have to remind myself often that I am actually pregnant. When I doubt it I say "the dr. said you are" and "you still haven't gotten your period so it's legit" to myself! haha.

I think a lot of my feelings of it not being real will be fixed on Tuesday when we get to hear the heartbeat and have an early ultrasound (and sadly for Zach find out that we aren't having twins haha)

I honestly think a lot of the reason I still can't believe it is that I am not going through what I expected. I am not the pregnant chick you see in the movies!

My Symptoms:
  1. My breasts are sore and a LOT bigger than usual
  2. I get a lot more tired a lot quicker
  3. I have to go #1 allllllll the time
  4. My stomach feels sick all day, but I don't throw up
  5. I'm never hungry!!!!

The never being hungry thing REALLY bugs me. And surprisingly, so does the not throwing up thing! Every single movie I have EVER seen shows a girl who is in the early stages of pregnancy eating constantly and throwing up constantly. Instead I feel sick all day and don't like anything. If anyone knows me they know I love ice cream...and sadly I don't even want to eat that!!!

It bothers me and makes me wonder if I'm normal or not. I google it of course and it says that some women are like me but still when will the phase end? Please say it will be after the first trimester! I'm ready to be a "normal" pregnant lady!!!

Then today Mrs. Charlotte tells me about a girl who miscarried at 2 1/2 months (which is where I'm about at!)...and so far throughout my pregnancy I haven't been the least bit worried. No scary dreams, no "bad feelings" nothing. But after hearing that I got scared for the first time!

This afternoon I lazed around and napped (a first for me during the day and I probably should do it more often!) but I kept worrying about it. Now every little feeling...from hunger cramp to having to go to the bathroom makes me scared. Keep me in your prayers! I'm ready for week 12 to get here so I can breathe a little easier :)

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Ashley bought Twilight after hearing that it was awesome from Natalie...and she let me read it first! I finished it today and I TOTALLY get why so many people are obsessed with's so awesome and so well written. Lovely Bones is still my favorite but this comes in a close second.

Of course I quickly fell in love with Edward Cullen! I'm not one for romance novels but this was such an amazing one. Both Edward and Bella have so many one-liners and their sarcastic personalities and crazzzy tension should be interesting to watch when the movie comes to theaters...I'm a little worried about the casting of the characters as they look NOTHING like I had pictured in my mind. But then it is a book and descriping someone as "perfect" is hard to live up to.

I have ordered the next two in the saga and can't wait for the movie to open in November! Hurry and read the book so you will be caught up for the movie!

Zach is sick of hearing me talk about it and make vampire references all the time (I know I'm lame haha but I finished it in a week so it's all I have been thinking about) so when someone else reads it I'll be happy to talk to them about it! Hopefully our baby won't be born a vampire after all my reading and thinking!

Here's a link to the movie site it looks good (although it is obvious it won't compare to the book)

Monday, August 18, 2008

Physco Chick

One of the first things I did when I found out I was pregnant was read Belly Laughs by Jenny McCarthy. It was sooo good and I loved her honest humor about this whole experience!

Well something she mentioned in the book was that she turned into "Physco Chick" sometimes while pregnant. I think one of the stories she told was that she was drinking a ton of tea since it's supposed to be good for you and her husband tells her that it is loaded with caffeine. She freaks out worried she's hurt the baby and goes NUTS on him!

I had my FIRST Physco Chick experience yesterday....

We were running late and Zach wouldn't let me go by myself where we were going and just meet me there once he was ready so I went the most nuts I've ever gone...I was saying really mean things, throwing stuff, opened the door while he was driving (he was coming to a stop and I had my seatbelt on so don't go calling defax on me just yet...).

At one point Zach pretty much breaks into tears and tells me "I need to call Greenleaf" (for those of you who don't know it's a facility here that among other things offers mental help to those who need it)

Luckily I finally chilled out and I felt horrible about the whole thing!

We do our weekly ritual of googling whatever week we're at in the pregnancy and seeing what the baby looks like as well as what is going on with it and YUP it has a whole paragraph about how week nine women, like myself, often have horrible mood swings! At least that got Zach out of taking me to the mental hospital (at least for now...)

While mentioning week nine I think it is SO SO SO awesome that this week our baby will develop the parts that either make it a boy or a girl!!! I guess it already knows which one it is but it just doesn't have the parts to prove it yet :)

Week Eight Summary!

This past week has been pretty crazy!

On Monday we met up to eat at Katie's house for Monday Night Meals (which I think we are changing to Tuesday nights!) She made Ceasar Burgers which are basically Ceasar Salad mixed with Hamburgers.

They were sooo good and Zach has not shut-up about them since! It's funny b/c I am NEVER hungry (I thought you were always supposed to be starving when pregnant? well not me, I have to force myself to eat) yet when we go to Katie's I always scarf down :) I think the baby knows she is the greatest cook ever already!

We spent the night playing Guesstures and we told Seth and Crissy our news! I was so excited to tell them because they are already parents and I knew they would be so excited! Of course they were and I can't wait to hear all of Crissy's tips...Since Stevie was born in March and ours is due in March I went through Crissy's pregnancy timeline to kind of see what I will look like each step of the way!

This picture totally shocked me! She looks adorable of course but I don't remember her tummy ever being that big and I can't BELIEVE it is what I will look like! And Stevie wasn't even born for another couple weeks!!! I hope I'm half as adorable as Crissy was but I can't even imagine how I will be able to walk with that tummy!!! My day will come I'm sure!

Tuesday Ashley and I had a great day of shopping in Gainesville...I found awesome deals at Express for Christmas gifts and on some things for myself at Gap and a Maternity store! I have several cute dresses ready for when I have a tummy to wear to church!

I got sooo sick Tuesday night! Let's just say it was vomit but not where you typically think vomit will come out...I think the baby didn't like the Steakburger I had at Steak and Shake. I don't think I'll EVER eat them again after that night! I called the dr the next morning (I'm NOT one of those women who freak out but I googled it and it said the case I had a dr should know about) and they said as long as it didn't happen again for 24 hours I was fine...luckily I was ok!

But it really made me think about the baby and wonder if when my stomach rumbles can the baby feel it? Can it feel when I have a headache?

Wednesday we FINALLY got to tell the Student Center! I was so proud of Little Mama because she didn't tell Aunt Karen before we got to! We went around the circle to introduce ourselves (because we had a lot of new people which is such a blessing!) and I said my name and that Zach and I are going to have a baby!

The whole time I kept looking at Carolyn because I have always felt a connection with her and couldn't wait to see her reaction! She was in shock as was everyone else I think! Nontalie of course had the loudest response which we expected haha

This is SUCH an old pic but you can see why people always think we are related!

We ate at the "new" Sunny's after and I will never forget the famous Ashley quote to our waiter "So are you planning on making a career out of this?" haha priceless Ash! Afterwards we went to Books-A-Million and had fun looking at all the Baby Books! I order Zach a couple and I decided I want a book on nursery rhymes because I don't know anything but "Twinkle Twinkle" and "You are my Sunshine"

While looking at all the books Zach tells me that he thinks we are having TWINS!!! Why? I have no idea but he thinks we are! We don't have a family history of twins, I don't feel like I have two babies inside of me and we didn't take any kind of fertility drugs so I just think he's NUTS. But we'll find out when we get to hear the heartbeat and have an ultrasound on the 26th! Either I'll be saying "I told you so" or he will be....

On Thursday I had several surprises:

1. Ashley bought me the Pregnancy Journal I wanted!

2. My Bella Band came in the mail! Sooo pumped for this because some of my pants are already a little snug and it's so awesome! You can wear your regular pants but leave them unbutton and unzipped and it slides right over the top. It keeps them up, flattens your tummy and provides lots of comfort!

3. We rode in the RV for the first time with the Parkers to dinner for Big Daddy's birthday and SURPRISE SURPRISE RV's are NOT smooth rides! It was HORRIBLE and I never plan to do it again!

Friday Ashley and I drove to Brunswick for a little mini-trip because Zach was visiting Ryan in Tallahassee. It was a nice relaxing vacation with LOTS of sleep which I decided I need more of for sure!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Catching up on the last 8 weeks!

I got off "the pill" in March and start taking prenatal vitamins.
We start officially trying in May (on our anniversary trip to Cancun!) but don't have any luck...thankfully we have better luck in June :)
June 28th:
We make a baby! Have a fun day of working on our home then go on a date to Longhorn's and to see the movie "What Happens in Vegas!"

July 14th:
After being a few days late for "that time of the month" we buy a pregnancy test the night of the 13th after Brandon and Chrissy leave from a visit. (Zach doesn't want to buy one because they are so expensive so I have to beg!)
I get up early having to go to the bathroom so I use the test and see 2 lines! I run into the bedroom and wake Zach up yelling "I'm pregnant! I'm pregnant!" He jumps up and hugs me saying over and over how he just can't believe it!
We of course take another one just to make sure and YUP we are officially going to be parents!!! Being so excited I call the Dr. but they don't even say congrats! They book me an appointment for a WEEK later so I spend the day researching everything I can!
Zach is so excited but also nervous about the kind of daddy he will be and the money it will all cost! Being the sweet husband he is he brings home flowers for me after pretty!!
July 17th:
Zach and I have been planning all of this for a looong time now but we didn't want to tell anyone because we knew if people knew we were trying that they would put more pressure on us by asking a lot of quesitons and neither of us thought it would help our chances of getting pregnant! Also we agreed that once we were pregnant that we wouldn't tell anyone until after the first 12 weeks!

Well Ashley gets home from Ukraine and is suspicious...since my boobs have gotten bigger and I am so sleepy so quickly! Also the night of the 17th Katie, Ashley, Zach and I all have a big dinner at our house to officially welcome Ashley home from Ukraine. Of course Katie made her famous Greek Salad and I can't even eat any (me being the researcher I am immediatly find out what I can and can't eat...and sadly no feta allowed). So Zach and I talk about it and decide to go ahead and tell them. JUST THEM as we know we can trust them and plus they both are so close to me they'd figure it out eventually if we didn't tell them!

After Zach says the prayer at dinner I just blurt out "I'm Pregnant." I don't think anyone eats anything b/c we are all too in shock! Ashley is so surprised and a little mad at me for lying to her for so long and Katie is the first one to say "I knew it!" She said she can tell b/c of how big my boobs look in the dress I am wearing! ha!

July 29th:
Meet with my Dr. and she confirms my due date as March 21st! Pretty exciting! Especially the fact that I won't have to go through the heat of a Valdosta Summer with a HUGE belly!!! She does an exam and everything looks great! We head to North Carolina for our first free Aflac vacation!

August 5th:
Ashley's mom comes to town and after spending the afternoon eating lunch with them and doing a little shopping she tells Ashley that she thinks I'm pregnant! I start worrying that people are going to be able to tell...I mean my clothes already aren't fitting the way they used to and I hate the fact that people probably think I have gained weight!

So Zach and I talk about it and decide that it really works out perfectly. My mom will be visiting Brandon and Chrissy in Gainesville so we can drive down there on Saturday and all the Parkers will be together on Sunday after church for Zach's birthday so we can tell them then!
August 7th:
Zach's birthday! Since it's his first without football I want to make it special so I wrap all his gifts in paper bags and write on each one little life lessons that he will teach our baby. I even buy him our first piece of baby clothes...a onesie that says "I am the apple of my daddy's eye"

August 9th:
Zach and I head down to Gainesville! We meet at Brandon and Chrissy's new apartment and it's adorable, of course! Then we all go eat at an awesome restaurant called Dragonfly. It is so neat with all appetizer size portions!
While waiting for our desserts I pull out a little Pandora gift box and hand it to Mom. I tell her that I know she's been having a tough time lately with Nana being sick and that Zach and I wanted to get her something that we know will make her happy everytime she looks at it.

The moment watching her open it goes in slow motion...Zach says he was so nervous as well! As soon as I can see the little silver baby basket charm I say "you're going to be a grandma."
It is one of the most precious moments I've ever experienced! She looks so happy and surprised. She stands up then cries and hugs me. Chrissy, who isn't even a huge baby person, has her hands clasped over her mouth with tears in her eyes and Brandon either couldn't hear (over the crazzzzy beats) or was in too much shock so I turned to him and said "you're going to be an uncle too." Then his face lights up in excitement.

It means so much to me that I got to tell my family in person and I love my husband for being the type of man willing to drive 3 hours in one day just to eat dinner!
On the way home we call my dad and I am really impressed with his reaction as well. He is so happy for us and wanted to hear all the details! He kept saying Brandon would be our baby's cousin haha We talk for over 20 minutes about it and it really touches me to hear the excitment and pride in his voice...
A day I'll never forget for sure! And tomorrow we have all the Parker's to tell!!!
August 10th:
Today we went over to The Parker's to celebrate Zach's birthday. It is the perfect opportunity to tell them as Little Mama, Big Daddy, and Mema are all there too! Zach is soo nervous and practiced what he was going to say over and over! We get there and Zach decides that it is a GREAT time to tell his mom about him stabbing his hand and needing she is all mad at us for not telling her sooner (it happened like a month ago)! I keep thinking that at least our news will put her in a better mood and make her forget the hand haha
After Zach blesses the food he says he just wants to thank everyone for getting together for his birthday, that he loves when we all get together, and that in 7 months we'll be adding a new member to the family! NO ONE catches on haha so I say "I'm 8 weeks pregnant." And THEN they get it!
Courtney realizes what is going on first so she runs over to us and hugs us both which is so sweet of her. I know she's probably one of the most excited ones because we'll get to share our experiences together! She's already volunteered for me to borrow her body pillow and I'm pumped for that!
Everyone else is excited as well...there are some tears from Little Mama and Mrs. Charlotte. And Brad starts eating! haha I know it means a lot to Zach that we told them and we ask everyone to keep it quiet for one week so we can announce it at the CSC and at church next Sunday!

Mom called today and told Nana and she said Nana cried which is so sweet! I later get a phone call from ALL my family yelling "Congratulations!!!" It is so awesome that I have such a loving family who I know are all excited for us! Now that Aiden is getting older I know they all think we need another little one :)
On the way home from the Parker's I call and tell Danielle who is of course over-joyed. I also tell Jonathan and told Deidra. I'm the matron of honor in her wedding in May which is not long after we'll have the baby and it's so sweet of her to still allow me to be in the wedding! I'll be a fatty bridesmaid for sure haha But it will be the first road trip for the baby which will be neat!
I also left messages for my Uncle Spear, Aunt Cheryl and Aunt Donna so I'm sure that will be a nice treat when they get home! Now we just have to tell Seth and Crissy tomorrow night, the CSC, and church and we can put it online to tell everyone else! I'm excited for the news to be out there so people can stop thinking I've gotten chunky and think I'm a cute pregant girl instead :)

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