Zach’s 33rd Birthday

This year Zach’s birthday fell on a Monday which happened to be Kye’s and Britt’s first day of school. We decided to do a celebration with his family the day prior…we love having family events at our house on Sundays after church because it’s the perfect time for a big lunch, swimming in the pool, and enjoying everyone!

It worked out really great and even Casey was able to come with Cam!!! Everyone loved getting those sweet new baby snuggles.

Proud Mama! 

I love when I catch a Big Daddy smile 😉

It’s SO fun now that the cousins are all big kids and can go outside and eat and play without (too much) adult supervision!

Levi loves when kids eat outside too haha

It was both Zach’s birthday celebration AND the last day of summer so I tried to make it extra fun. I had purchased the game BeanBoozled for the kids and thought it’d be fun to let them play with their cousins. 

video 1 

video 2

Birthday Boy!!!


Something on our “summer list” was to have a water balloon fight…what better time to do that than with the cousins? Of course Zach created an entire competitive game with the water balloons and they all had a blast!

I LOVE that all the generations in Zach’s family started their families at such young ages. It’s allowed our children to have such great bonds with their great grandparents. I mean how many people actually can say they remember their great grandparents let alone grew up spending tons of quality time with them? I know all of mine passed well before I was even born and all of my grandparents had passed before Kye turned 1. I’m so thankful he did get to meet Nana and I love that I have photos of her holding him 🙂 It was so special to have Big Daddy and Little Mama at Zach’s birthday celebration and Little Mama spent a lot of quality time with Tess swimming! I loved seeing both of them enjoying each other so much 🙂 

Zach’s real birthday was the next day and it was quite crazy with it also being the first day of school! He went with me to take the kids to school and then headed to work. That’s the birthday life of grown ups haha! 

Our plan was for the kids to get home and then go BOWLING! Kye’s been asking to go bowling again and Zach loves bowling (he was quite the pro after so many bowling classes in college haha) so it was gonna be a fun time! We pulled up to the only bowling alley in town and it’s closed for refurbishment. I mean it figures! Our first time trying to bowl since I was mega pregnant with Tess three years ago and it’s shut down haha

Zach: super annoyed at me for taking a photo haha

The birthday boy’s second choice was to go eat at Wooden Nickel and they had free games for their kid’s night! It was the first time I ordered something I actually liked haha the kids loved the games and it worked out to be a great evening!

Sweet Daddy with his girls

Serious about shooting some bucks

I mean why the skanky outfit?!?!?


Greek Pizza was a WIN!

We got back to the house for presents!

I love her sweet hand on his arm. 

The kids being old enough to choose their own card is so fun (yes we do ONE card from all the kids!)

(Also Kye wrote his own “card” for Zach haha)

I wrapped some of his gifts in Disney Magic Band boxes and you can tell he got excited thinking it was a Disney trip as a present hahaha Don’t let him fool you when he says I’m the crazy Disney person 😉 

Big gift from me and the kids…new driver!

I probably haven’t even posted about this but Zach is planning to go back to Ireland next year for his Dad’s 60th birthday!!! He “needed” a new driver so it was a good gift to go ahead and get him 😉 

Kids chose how to decorate the cake!

Singing happy birthday

Little did we know that Zach’s birthday would also be the day that we’d first get info about Mama E!!! We spent some time that night working on our letter to her and on our presentation materials in order to present to the situation 🙂 Special day for many reasons for our crew!

I’m just truly so blessed to have Zach. As my husband. The leader of our home. The father of my babies. He really IS The MAN!


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