Zach’s 28th Birthday

Zach turned 28 years old on August 7th!!! Usually every year he has either had football practice on his birthday weekend or has had to work. He has one group every year that has to be worked over a weekend and it typically falls on his birthday! This year though the group got moved until November so Zach was actually able to enjoy his big day!!! Plus he was out of the hospital in time so that was a big plus πŸ˜‰

This is probably his 1st or maybe 2nd birthday???

We don’t do birthday’s nearly as big as we do Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. I guess we just feel like everyone is born but not everyone is blessed enough to be parents so, for us, those days are more special πŸ™‚ We decided to celebrate his birthday on his actual birthday as a family (it fell on a Tuesday). He got to decide anywhere he wanted to go eat and he picked Austin’s Steakhouse. It’s a local steakhouse and they have awesome steak. Plus, we had a gift card πŸ˜‰ I was a little worried about Zach eating STEAK so soon after his ER visit but it was HIS big day…

It was great because they have a HUGE fish tank that the kids LOVED!!!

As a gift for her Daddy’s birthday Brittlynn started clapping for the first time. She clapped non-stop the entire night. It was so cute πŸ™‚

Me and my girl!

Birthday Boy and his two biggest fans!

We don’t go out to eat often but when we do we have a solid routine down with Brittlynn. We wait until our food arrives to put her in her high chair. It seems to work! Since it’s a nicer restaurant I pre-warned the tables around us and apologized in advance. Britt was still adjusting to dropping the evening nap so I wasn’t sure how well she’d behave and I hattttte those looks you get from people when your kids disturb their meal! Everyone was super nice and, thanks in part to that fish tank, it all went smoothly!

They even came out and sang “Happy Birthday” to Zach and gave him some ice cream (Kye also got ice cream with his kids meal)
Crunk for ice cream πŸ˜‰

We got home and it was time for presents!!! Kye gets very, very excited about parties. He was especially excited about the cake and wanted to rush Daddy along to get the presents over with πŸ˜‰ Kye did work hard on painting a picture for Daddy’s birthday. Here’s a video when he painted it. And here’s a video of when he showed it to Zach. I love his explanations πŸ˜‰

Here’s some pictures of him when he did the painting:

 Explaining it to me

Present time!

Kye picked out the card himself πŸ™‚

All the presents!

Britt was nice and patient and content with her toy πŸ˜‰

For Father’s Day I bought Zach his first ever legit suit. They had a special when I bought it where I could buy one and get another one free. It’s the only way my budget could justify buying one so he got another one for his birthday πŸ˜‰ I also got him some new Express shirts (by far his FAV) to match his suits along with a new Express tie. And I had found some good deals on some summery clothes while in Atlanta that I wrapped up for him too (J Crew shorts for $10…um YES! One pair is pink and one is seersucker). Kinda BORING gifts but his big present was SO big that it was a group gift and that was the fun present this year πŸ˜‰

My sweet son

Britt continued to play nicely πŸ˜‰

I was finishing up my 24 Day Challenge that week. Um I wasn’t about to go crazy with some huge birthday cake!!! Luckily I have a supportive husband. I talked to him about it and decided to get him a TINY cookie cake. And trust me when I say TINY. We cut it into thirds and each had some and then it was gone. Probably will be the way we do birthday cakes from now on (except for my birthday haha I want a dang ice cream cake…maybe they make a small version too???).

Zach, Trey, and Jordan ALL have birthday’s right near each other. They all agreed that it would be fun to have a joint party. We decided to have it at our house and Mrs. Charlotte was so sweet to still make everyone’s favorite meal. That’s her thing for birthdays so she made roast for Zach, bbq for Jordan and spaghetti for Trey! It was an interesting blend of foods but there was def something for everyone πŸ™‚ We had everyone over that Thursday night to celebrate!

When these three get together it can get pretty crazy…I try my best to keep my house from getting destroyed. I told Casey she can keep the title of “cool aunt” b/c I’m for sure the mean one haha. I only allow them to play with one thing at a time and make them all clean up each thing they get out before getting out something else. So not cool. But I work hard to keep a clean house and I like it to stay that way πŸ˜‰

Z wanted to match for his birthday!

Handsome guys πŸ™‚

All the cousins together!!! So sweet!

Mr. Rusty and Britt always seem to be matching!

With G-Mama

After dinner it was present time!!! Zach has NEVER owned any new golf clubs. He’s always had hand-me-downs from his dad. Zach is a good golfer but would be even better if he had legit clubs. He needs to have a whole new set but we simply can’t afford to do that. His driver recently broke so we all pitched in to buy him a new one! It was my big gift for SURE and the only gift he got from everyone else (well Mrs. Charlotte got him a new Aflac golf shirt too!). It’s what he wanted so it was worth it to him!

Trey turned the big 1-8 this year! He was so excited and really just wanted money…this big bill was not from us haha

Oh yeah Mrs Charlotte got him some golf balls too πŸ˜‰

Jordan got a ton of great stuff! By this grin I’m pretty sure he liked it all πŸ˜‰

Especially this paci that somehow found it’s way into one of his gift bags.
I think someone is trying to give a hint that she wants a cousin close to her age to play with!!! Get on it Bacon’s!!!

While our little family enjoyed Zach’s birthday, and the family party was fun, I wanted to take Zach out on a date night just the two of us!!! We don’t do it often and it’s important πŸ™‚ We took the kids to Mrs. Charlotte’s and Mr. Rusty’s that Saturday and hung out for a bit then they spent the night there and we had a date night. Zach wanted to worship at Lakeland Church of Christ Sunday morning so it worked out perfectly to already have the kids at Mrs. Charlotte’s house. That way Britt could get a more solid nap! 

We decided to hit up Zaxby’s for dinner. It was 100% Zach’s choice but I was glad he picked it. That day (August 11th) was my first day post-challenge. I hadn’t eaten ANY fried food for 24 days!!! The timing couldn’t have been better for our date night. I weighed in and measured myself that morning (down 6 lb and 5.75 inches! whatwhat!) and felt SO good!!! I felt confident and pretty and was excited to wear something cuter than normal πŸ™‚ Zach was starting his 24 Day Challenge that coming week so he wanted to indulge on some Zaxby’s one last time!!!

For Zach’s birthday night out we went and saw The Campaign. Zach LOVES Will Ferrel. I’m, shocker, not a huge comedy person. My favorite Will Ferrel movie is for sure Old School (but not really his character in it). Of those types of movies I also really liked Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Wedding Crashers (again, not really Will Ferrel’s parts…), and Superbad.  We figured out during our dinner conversation about comedy movies that I’m actually not a Will Ferrel fan haha but I planned to like this movie. I wanted Zach to have FUN and knew it wouldn’t be as fun if I was lame about it so I pumped myself up and got into a silly mood. And I did laugh. I did. But there was also a couple there with their child who was around Kye’s age. And that drives me INSANE. Like mega insane. Hello. It’s rated “R” why in the wwwwworld would you bring your child?!?! So so bad. It made it tough for me to fully enjoy it. Zach really liked it though so I’m glad we went. I just wish that child had stayed at home!

I think Zach had a fun birthday week! I know as we get older the birthday’s get less exciting…but I’m hoping we’ll have some awesome ones when we turn 30! You gotta celebrate big for that milestone right?!?!

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  1. Rachael_Copponex
    September 12, 2012 / 1:00 am

    Glad he had a good birthday πŸ™‚ The paci was a nice touch

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